10 Stress-Relieving Epsom Salts for Your Next Soak

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When we think of peak self-care, we envision a warm, delightful bath (preferably in a clawfoot tub) where we can let go and unwind. Our favorite way to take that bath even further? Adding in some Epsom salt.

Magnesium sulfate, commonly known as Epsom salt, isn’t actually a salt. It’s a chemical compound made of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. When dissolved in water, magnesium and sulfate ions are released to help you sleep better, decrease stress, and promote relaxation. It can also be beneficial when it comes to reducing pain, swelling, and sore muscles.

Ahead, the best Epsom salts to take bathtime to the next level.

Best Overall: Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soothe & Sleep Lavender

If the bath itself won’t put you to sleep, the lavender scent just might. It’s a natural sleep aid, so if you’re gearing up for bed, this is a great Epsom salt to have on hand.

Best Budget: Up & Up Epsom Salt Revitalizing Eucalyptus & Spearmint

Up & Up Epsom Salt Revitalizing Eucalyptus & Spearmint

 Courtesy of Target

In addition to easing muscle aches, this spearmint-infused salt feels invigorating on the skin. One reviewer keeps this handy during cold and flu season for when she needs a pick-me-up.

Best for Pain: Solimo Epsom Salt Soak

To target areas where you may feel pain, mix a bit of this soothing Epsom salt with your shower gel and apply directly to sore spots.

Best for Detox: Vertly Botanical Bath Salts

Vertly Botanical Bath Salts

 Courtesy of Bloomingdale's 

A combination of salts, minerals, and botanicals transforms a regular bath into a total oasis. Sulfur, a detoxifier, pulls toxins and waste out of the body. Plus, an enchanting scent of lemon and lavender further elevates the experience.

Best for Sore Muscles: Lather Muscle Ease Bath Salts

Epsom salt, sea salt, and Himalayan pink sea salt help to relieve sore muscles. Add two generous tablespoons to warm water for a full bath—or, if you want to specifically target your feet, add a tablespoon to a basin full of warm water and go ankle deep.

Best for Achy Joints: The White Company Spa Restore Epsom Bath Salts

Spa Restore Epsom Bath Salts

 Courtesy of The White Company

Created from the purest magnesium, these bath salts revitalize your body and your mind. Using the included bamboo scoop, add a spoonful to your bath to reenergize.

Best for Dry Skin: Tree Hut Shea Moisturizing Epsom Salt Coconut Lime

A power-packed combo of Epsom salt, 100% pure natural shea butter, and coconut extract moisturize and soothe parched skin. Reviewers enjoy the coconut lime smell, as well as its healing properties when it comes to tender muscles.

Best Value: Epsoak Epsom Salt

This bag of Epsom salt is a whopping 19 pounds, which means there are countless baths in your future. The grain size for these salts dissolve almost immediately when added to water, so there’s no wait time before diving in.

Best Aromatherapy: EO Rose & Lemon Epsom Salt Bath Soak

EO Rose & Lemon Epsom Salt Bath Soak

Courtesy of Amazon

Let the uplifting scents of reviving lemon and comforting rose fill your bathroom. This formula also features vitamin E, which is ultra-hydrating, so you’ll step out of the tub completely relaxed and with soft, supple skin.

Best for Expecting Moms: Honest Me Moment Soaking Salts

Honest Me Moment Soaking Salts

 Courtesy of Honest

This bag of mineral-rich Dead Sea salt is safe to use, especially for moms-to-be and current Moms—who are probably the ones who could benefit most from a relaxing bath. Just make sure the water isn’t hot enough to raise your body temp and you’re good to settle right in.

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