12 Epilators for Hairless Skin From Your Face to Your Toes

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In the world of hair removal there are generally only three options you hear mentioned: shaving, waxing, and lasers. But we’re here to tell you there’s another hair removal device that’s been getting overlooked. Enter the epilator. In case you’re not familiar, let us explain. An epilator is usually a rotating wheel of multiple (we found one with 72!) tweezers that pull out your hair from the root as you move it across your skin. We know what you’re thinking—ouch—but epilating has some major benefits including longer-lasting results (you usually only have to use one every 2-3 weeks) and zero visits to the salon. 

From face to bikini, here are the best epilators for every area.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-890 Epilator

There’s not much this epilator can’t do. This cordless epilator can be used wet or dry and has a wide head to help get more hair with every stroke. There’s also a red light sensor that alerts you if you’re pressing too hard to make sure you’re using it in the most efficient way. You can also save space in your bathroom thanks to this gadget because it has a few interchangeable heads including a razor and trimmer.

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Best Budget: Braun Silk-Epil 3 3-270 Epilator

If you’re trying out an epilator for the first time, this is a good place to start. Not only is it a great price, but it also comes with three extra heads: A trimmer, razor, and massage roller to help ease the pain. You’ll also love that there’s a little flashlight on the end that lights your way for a more precise epilating experience every time. The petite size also allows it to fit easily in your palm for a more comfortable glide.

Best Multitasker: Panasonic Wet/Dry Epilator

panasonic wetdry epilator

Courtesy of Panasonic

Looking for a little more than just an epilator? This is your tool. With six different attachments (including a shaver, gentle epilator head, gentle cap, bikini comb, pedicure buffer, and dual-disc epilator head) we’re going to bet you’ll get your moneys worth with this one. The rechargeable battery lets you take it in the bath or shower and the swivel top head makes it super easy to use all over, including knees and elbows. There’s also two speeds so you can epilate at your own pace and comfort level.

Best for Face: Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator

The skin on your face is thinner and more delicate so for something that can be painful (as epilating is known to be), you’ll want to take a gentler approach. We like this one because it has a much smaller head so it pulls out a smaller area of hair at a time, making for a less painful experience. The precise head also allows you to use it in smaller areas like around your lips or ears. Another bonus: You never have to worry about plugging it in because it simply runs off of a single AA battery (that comes included).

Best for Beginners: Panasonic Cordless Versatile Wet/Dry Shaver & Epilator

Not only is the sleek design a little less intimidating for epilator newcomers, but the three speed settings also allow you to have control and change up your speed as you get more comfortable. There’s also a gentle epilator cap to help remove hair with less pulling and a sensitive skin cap that narrows the epilation area for more precise hair removal (or if you can only take doing a small area at a time). And if you ever change your mind and decide you’d rather just shave, there’s a cap for that too, along with a bikini trimmer. And when you finally work yourself up to the real deal, there’s the large epilation head that uses double discs and uses 60 tweezers so you can epilate large areas with ease.

Best for Sensitive Skin: Braun Silk-Epil 5 5-280 Epilator

While using an epilator is generally not a fun process for anyone, it’s especially teeth clenching if you have sensitive skin. If that’s you, give this epilator a try. The massage head helps take your mind off of the tweezers doing their job and the included cooling mitt is just what you’ll want after you’re finished. There’s also a shaver head for areas that may be too sensitive for epilating. The device is also completely waterproof so if you find it’s more comfortable to use it while under running water you totally can.

Best for Bikini: Philips Satin Intimate Cordless Epilator

The sleek, cordless design of this epilator is ideal for maneuvering around the small contours of your bikini line. That coupled with the precise epilator head makes it the best choice when you want to be detail-oriented and when you want to be a little gentler with such a sensitive area. There’s also a safety bar to help prevent that thin skin from getting pinched.

Best for Legs: Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579 Epilator

Thanks to the wider head, this epilator allows you to cover more surface area on your legs with every swipe. The vibrations also help ease the process while the rechargeable battery allows you to take it wherever it is most convenient—in the shower, during a bath, when you travel. There are also seven additional heads included plus a separate facial cleansing brush—we’re sold.

Best for Underarms: Philips Satinelle Epilator

philips satinelle epilator

Courtesy of Amazon

With 21 tweezers in this epilator, it’s the perfect amount for getting the job done without being too much for the sensitive skin on your underarms. With two speed settings and a nice, comfortable grip, you almost won’t mind using this on your underarms. Once you’re done, remove the cap and rinse under warm water to clean.

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Best Efficiency: Emjoi Emagine Epilator

With a whopping 72(!) tweezers, this epilator is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re an experienced epilator or you’re a beginner who is just trying to get the job done quickly, this one should do the trick. There’s also a little tip on the head that helps lift up hairs before the tweezers pass over them to help reduce ingrown hairs and catch any hairs that may not be sticking up straight on their own.

Best Spring Epilator: R.E.M. Spring Facial Hair Remover

Whether you’re usually on the go and don’t have an outlet handy or you just prefer a device that looks a little more approachable, this classic non-electric epilator could be your best bet. Made to grab the tiny hairs on your face, you simply bend the epilator into an upside-down “u” and twist the ends to make it roll up your hair. It has a similar effect to that of threading, without the hassle of a salon visit. The stainless steel is not only less irritable to the skin, but it’s also recyclable and can easily be sanitized. Keep this one in your purse so you can pull it out whenever you find that perfect light.

Best for Travel: Keda 7-in-1 USB Grooming Set

While we love the miniature size and the USB charger, what makes this epilator is one of the best buys in our book is the seven heads that you can swap on and off. Along with the epilator, you’ll get a facial shaver, eyebrow trimmer, nose trimmer, facial massager, cleansing brush and an electric nail file. Don’t worry, it all comes in a little pouch so you’ll be less likely to lose them. 

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