These Dry Shampoos Are Virtually Undetectable on Dark Hair

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Not having to wash your hair every day without looking like a greasy mess is awesome (thanks, dry shampoo!), but walking around with a head covered in white, chalky residue? Not so awesome. Yet such is the case for so many brunettes who struggle to find a dry shampoo that soaks up excess oil, leaves their hair looking clean and refreshed, maybe adds a little natural-looking volume, smells lovely, and isn't super visible against their dark strands. 

Luckily for us, brands have taken note and released a number of dry shampoos formulated just for brunettes. Not all of them get the job done, but the following best dry shampoos for dark hair certainly do.

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Best Overall: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo

Living Proof

Even those with raven hair won’t be able to detect Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo in their locks since it is completely free of that dreaded white cast or any residue. That’s one of the many reasons everyone loves this dry shampoo. It’s famous for actually cleaning your hair, instead of just hiding dirt, oil, and buildup.

Brunette Byrdie editors swear by the addictively scented and shockingly lightweight formula, which manages to sop up intense grease better than almost any other dry shampoo on the market. 

Best Budget: Garnier Pure Clean Dry Shampoo

garnier pure clean dry shampoo

Courtesy of Walmart

Small price, big impact. Garnier’s dry shampoo goes the extra distance but your wallet doesn’t have to. Everything about this dry shampoo is refreshing, from its uplifting citrus fragrance to its oil-absorbing powers. As it works to bust dirt and oil, it brings back body, bounce, and shine.

Best Drugstore: Batiste Hint of Color Dry Shampoo in Divine Dark

batiste hint of color dry shampoo

Courtesy of Walmart

Batiste literally sells 2.25 cans of its dry shampoo every second. It's that good at absorbing oil. With 15 prettily packaged scents, a bargain price tag, and offerings for different hair colors from blonde to brunette and black, it's hard to compete with this international bestseller. No wonder it makes list after list of favorites.

Best for Deep Brunettes: Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones


If you’re really paranoid about your dry shampoo leaving a white cast or residue behind, Moroccanoil has your back with their version that is specially made for dark hair. Team Byrdie collectively loves Moroccanoil's dry shampoo spray, which is tinted but also so fine that it doesn't leave any type of cast behind. The nourishing formula is made with argan oil, so it soaks up oiliness without drying out your hair completely. The result is extremely natural as if you just washed your hair in the shower (you know, with actual shampoo, whatever that is). 

Best Detox: IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo

igk first class detox dry shampoo

Courtesy of Sephora

This dry shampoo by IGK is a fairly new one to the market but already a favorite among reviewers, who love the incredible scent and the way it leaves the scalp feeling clean, refreshed, and soothed—no dandruff or irritation. The unique formula features detoxifying charcoal powder and white tea powder, which cools the scalp and strengthens hair follicles. 

Best for Blowouts: Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo


When you shell out for a blowout at a salon, you want your investment to last. Drybar is the first to know that, and their Detox Dry Shampoo will extend your ’do for an extra day or two—or maybe even three.

It will give your blowout new life by lifting hair at the roots and deodorizing strands. Extra fine rice powders sop up oils and odors, while golden root extract delivers hydration to prevent breakage and damage. Plus, the fragrance—a blend of jasmine, sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla—is delightful.

Best for Thin Hair: Dove Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo

dove refresh and care dry shampoo

Courtesy of Walmart

Fine hair typically needs a boost in the lift department and Dove’s Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo is here to help. The brand’s best-seller allows even the finest haired ladies to fake full locks. Designed to pump up the volume and body, you only need a few spritzes for it to work its magic. It also soaks up excess oil, and the fresh scent leaves your hair smelling nice and clean. 

Best for Colored Hair: TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo


If your dark hair comes from a bottle, TRESemmé’s Fresh Start Dry Shampoo is for you. Gentle enough for color-treated hair, which tends to be damaged, it restores strands with mineral clay, keratin and B12. In the meantime, it zaps excess oil and kills odor while going on completely invisible.

Best Unscented: Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Unscented Dry Shampoo

not your mother's clean freak dry shampoo

Courtesy of Not Your Mother's

Companies put a lot of thought into getting their fragrances just right. And while there are plenty of dry shampoo scents we love, there are also plenty of days when you don’t want your hair to compete with your shampoo. On those days, mist on Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Unscented Dry Shampoo. It soaks up extra oil and leaves a matte finish, but always looks natural, not powdery. 

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