These Dry Shampoos Are Virtually Undetectable on Dark Hair

Not having to wash your hair every day without looking like a greasy mess is awesome (thanks, dry shampoo!), but walking around with a head covered in white, chalky residue? Not so awesome. Yet such is the case for so many brunettes who struggle to find a dry shampoo that soaks up excess oil, leaves their hair looking clean and refreshed, maybe adds a little natural-looking volume, smells lovely, and isn't super visible against their dark strands. 

Luckily for us, brands have taken note and released a number of dry shampoos formulated just for brunettes. Not all of them get the job done, but the following eight best dry shampoos for dark hair are tested and approved by Byrdie editors and highly rated on Sephora. You've got brunette hair you don't want to wash; we've got product recommendations. Keep scrolling to find the dry shampoo for dark hair that speaks to you.