The Dry Shampoos That Make Our Hair Look Clean (Even When It's Filthy)

You know when your hair is so greasy and hasn't so much as seen the shampoo aisle of a drugstore, so you say to yourself, I better wash my hair tomorrow morning or else I'm in trouble. But then you wake up too late to wash it and have to go yet another day with enough oil in your hair to fuel a car? No? Just us?

Listen, when we're going on day four (or five or six) of dirty hair, we need a high-powered dry shampoo that's going to make it look like we just got a blowout (or at least rinsed it in the sink). But these formulas need to meet important criteria: low buildup, pleasant scent, no white cast, and great texture and volume. Thankfully, we've found many that feature each of these standards—shop them below.