The Best Dry Shampoos According to 7 Top Stylists

If we had to bring just five products to a desert island (especially if we landed on said desert island with a blowout to extend for potentially ever), dry shampoo would be cheif on the list. Since bursting onto the beauty market several years ago, these handy body-builders, sweat-eliminators, and blowout-extenders have changed our lives for the better. Oily, limp locks? Throw some dry shampoo in your scalp and seconds later you've got fresh, volumized hair that looks just-washed. Because our love of the product borders on obsession, we really wanted to know which dry shampoos top Hollywood hairstylists' lists. So we asked around and here are the answers! Keep scrolling to see the dry shampoos professional hairstylists call the bestalong with some seriously genius styling secrets.