Everyone Asks If I've Just Gotten a Blowout When I Use This Dry Shampoo



The other day, I jumped out of bed, realizing I'd overslept, and came to accept that washing my hair just wasn't in the cards. I was running late to an event at a swanky hotel on the Upper East Side, but my hair was completely filthy—we're talking third-, maybe fourth-day hair. My alarm clock and I will never be on good terms.

After whizzing through my makeup routine, I quickly got dressed and reached for my favorite dry shampoo from Rahua ($32), sprinkled it throughout my roots, gave my hair a quick tousle, and hoped for the best.

When I finally arrived at the event, I was met by a girl in the hotel lobby, who said, "You look great! Did you just get a blowout?" I had to laugh. A blowout? My hair had so much oil I could sell it to the government. Before hopping in the elevator, I promised her I'd only used dry shampoo, still in shock she thought I'd just come from a salon.

Then, a few weeks later, I had breakfast with a friend, again on a morning I hadn't washed my hair in days and so only used Rahua on a wing and a prayer. Unbelievably, she also asked me if I'd just gotten a blowout. Clearly, this product was more magical than I had ever thought.

What I love about this dry shampoo (aside from its powerful volume-building capabilities) is that it's made with natural ingredients like clay, cassava root, and star anise. With all the different hair products I use on a weekly basis, it's nice to use something that's aerosol- and alcohol-free to give my poor strands a break. It's also travel-friendly, so I'm never without it.

If you're worried about being left with powdery residue after using this product, know that it soaks in quickly. However, R+Co co-founder Garren taught me a great trick last week: If you notice a white cast post-application (same goes for any dry shampoo), flip your hair over and point a cool blow-dryer at your roots to lift away residue. This will keep your hair fresh without adding unnecessary heat damage.


Fake your own blowout with this incredible organic offering.

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