Makeup Artists Agree: This Drugstore Brand Has the Best Concealers


Ellie Benuska

While we're all for splurge-worthy products, sometimes a girl needs a bargain. Are we right? Drugstore brand products can often be just as effective as their prestigious counterparts, especially in the concealer department. As the holidays near and our social calendars fill up with parties (and more parties) all we can think about is the inevitable puffy, dark circles that follow. That, and all the gifts we still need to purchase

So, to give your wallet a much-needed rest and brighten, lighten, and soothe your under-eyes, we chatted with a few pro makeup artists about their favorite products—under one condition: It had to be available at the drugstore. They happily obliged and explained each offering they loved and why it rocks. Surprisingly, they all came from one single brand: Maybelline. No wonder Gigi Hadid swears by it. Keep reading for your new go-to concealers.