6 Drugstore Self-Tanners That Won't Turn You Orange

Sure, we're rapidly approaching springtime, but the clouds and rain of the winter months have taken a bit of a toll on the natural color many of us worked so hard to build up last summer. Feeling the same way? As you get ready to peel back the layers in time to shimmy into your spring gear, you may want to add a little bit of that color back to your skin. We've got some good news: You don't have to invest in pricey designer products to get a tan that looks natural. Quality self-tanners are sitting right in your local drugstore, and they've got loyal followings from tons of users who rave about their effectiveness. To make sure you stay in the loop, we've rounded up the best drugstore self-tanners you can find. Keep reading for six self-tanners that won't streak or smudge and give that sun-kissed glow you've been looking for.

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