If the Dewy Look Isn't for You, Try These Affordable Matte Foundations

woman with matte skin

There's no denying it, we're massive fans of drugstore beauty products. Yes, there are certain luxe buys we'd never stray away from, but we're also massive advocates for finding hidden gems on the UK's high street. And one area that continually comes up trumps in this area is matte foundation. While it does seem that everyone is going crazy for that serum-drenched, post-facial dewy finish with their foundation these days, that look isn't for everyone. And that's exactly where these high-quality yet truly affordable matte foundations come in to their own. No, they won't leave your complexion chalky and flat; in fact, the best drugstore matte foundation will knock back any blemishes, counteract any unevenness in skin tone, and leave skin the texture of a freshly dry-cleaned cashmere jumper. Dreamy.

Better still, the drugstore matte foundation formulas we really believe in are only a scroll away.

Best drugstore matte foundation: CYO No Shine Zone Matte Foundation
CYO No Shine Zone Matte Foundation $6

Forget everything you thought you knew about matte foundation: This one feels super creamy to apply, blends like a dream without dragging and controls oil in all the right places, without completely dulling your natural glow.

Best drugstore matte foundation: Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation
Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation $6

Rimmel London's foundation feels more like a BB cream—its texture is a little like a whipped-up mousse—but still has plenty of coverage clout. Our only bugbear is that it doesn't come in more shades.

Best drugstore matte foundation: NYX Stay Matte Powder Foundation
NYX Stay Matte Powder Foundation $11

Powder foundations are by default far better at mattifying a complexion, as the pigments soak up excess oils and sebum on the skin's surface. This one has added mattifying power, courtesy of silica particles that create a blurry halo. Apply with a fluffy brush for a light touch-up or with a flat sponge if you want full-pelt coverage.

Best drugstore matte foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation
Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation $6

Don't be fooled by the liquid-y texture, this foundation dries down pretty quickly, offering more coverage than most, without looking like a glaringly obvious layer of makeup on the skin's surface. The shades pay particular attention to the nuances of undertones within the skin, making it easier to find a close shade match.

Best drugstore matte foundation: Lottie London Selfie Ready Foundation
Lottie London Selfie Ready Foundation $7

The vitamin C in Lottie London's formula will dial up brightness, leaving the complexion matte but still pretty luminescent.

Best drugstore matte foundation: Sleek MakeUp Crème To Powder Foundation
Sleek MakeUp Crème To Powder Foundation $8

Sleek's compact feels like a waxy cream in the palette, but as it melds with the skin, it turns to a powder that hides even the biggest pores and most obvious patches of hyperpigmentation.

Best drugstore matte foundation: Nip + Fab Foundation
Nip+Fab Foundation $10

When you apply Nip+Fab's foundation, it doesn't sit heavy on the skin like so many medium coverage formulas can. Instead, skin soaks up its moisture, leaving nothing but a light veil of mattifying pigment on the surface.

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