These Are the Drugstore Mascaras Makeup Artists and Beauty Editors Love Most

We’re huge believers that some of the best beauty things in life don’t have to cost you an entire month’s rent. And because mascara is such a personal product—there really isn’t one size fits all—we like to lay out all the options that are both effective and economical (#frugalbeauty). Short, stubby lashes require different wands and formulas than long, thin ones do, and even though the drugstore provides plenty of options to get you to falsie status, there’s the whole “no trying” part that makes it harder to select the right one for you.

To help you make the right decision, we polled top makeup artists to share the budget-friendly mascaras they count on for every gig, and lucky for us, they were happy to share their secrets. And because we consider ourselves pretty knowledgeable about the subject, we shared some of our drugstore favorites too. A girl needs options, you know.

Keep scrolling to see the best drugstore mascaras, as recommended by beauty editors and makeup artists.

Need more makeup artist favorites? See the pros dish on their favorite products in our brand-new video experience.

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