7 Drugstore Liquid Liners That Absolutely Do Not Budge

Sean Fennessey of the Ringer wrote an interesting article about the power of Rotten Tomato ratings and how it effectively persuades people to see a movie or skip it. It's got us thinking that this is pretty true in life, even in beauty. If something is highly rated, it has to be at least somewhat legitimately good, right? 

When it comes to finding the perfect liquid liner, all we care about is longevity, and even the most expensive liners can let us down. If the luxe liners let us down, the perfect drugstore liquid eyeliner seems like a myth. Can something be both economical and fully functional?

Yes. And we scoured through the pages of our favorite drugstore retailers to see what you, the people, have to say about what liquid eyeliners out right now are the favorites. As beauty experts, we have to say that these are pretty spot-on. Click through to see which are the top-rated drugstore liquid liners.