The Secret to Longer-Lasting Lipstick Has Been Hiding at the Drugstore

When it comes to lipstick, we would spend just about anything on a product if it meant fewer touchups and more color. Lucky for us, we don’t have to break the bank; the best drugstore lip primers are both affordable and effective.

If you’re a lover of a classic red lip, or any statement lip for that matter, lip primer should become your new best friend. Curious about what lip primer actually does? Much like the primer we use (or forget to use) before smearing on our foundation, lip primer creates a smooth canvas for flawless coverage. And if chosen correctly, lip primer has the ability to nourish lips, prevent feathering, provide long-lasting lip color, and add dimension to your shade of choice. Brighter lips and fewer touchups? Count us in.

So whether you’re a lipstick aficionado or someone who dabbles in the art of a statement lip, we’ve compiled the best drugstore lip primers because everybody deserves a bright, bold, beautiful lip. Keep reading for our favorites.