These Drugstore Lip Liners Work Just as Well as Pricier Versions



Question of the day: to line or not to line? Line. Don’t try to fight it—wearing lip liner makes all the difference. There’s so much back-and-forth on whether lip liner is necessary or not, but the truth is it makes your lipstick application so seamless. We’re here to lay down the law on lip liners and let you know that they’ll make your pout look fuller (or smaller), amp up the staying power of your lipstick, and stop color from wandering outside the lines. You can use lip liner in many ways to enhance the overall look of your lips. For instance, over-lining lips is an old-school trick of the trade women have sworn by forever. To give my lips the super-matte vibe I’m obsessed with, I’ve recently begun filling in my entire lips with lip liner before applying my lipstick. (My color will last all day—seriously.)

You don’t have to splurge on a spendy lip liner, though. You can snag quality lip liners from your local drugstore that’ll look just as good paired with a fancy lip shade you treated yourself to. Plus, they come in colors galore. Once you find the best drugstore lip liner that complements your favorite lip shade, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it. And you won’t have to say RIP to your wallet every time you buy it. Scroll on for eight of the best budget-friendly lip liners you need to try now.