The 6 Best Drugstore Lip Balms Money Can Buy (According to our Editors)

Call it what you want—old wives tale, scintillating conspiracy theory, or bologna—but there's a popular opinion floating around that lip balm is addictive. And although it's somewhat controversial, there is one thing that we do know: It's almost impossible for us to walk out of the drugstore without one.

Not only are we convinced the best formulas soothe our lips with an incomparable hit of hydration, we also just appreciate the cathartic nature of the stuff. And in many cases, we've been using the same one (tube or tin—pick your poison) for years. Whether it's what got us through that first kiss (a tragic combination of braces, popcorn, and Bring It On playing accomplice), or it was simply the first tube that struck our fancy, we're pretty devoted to our go-to picks.

After comparing notes, we rounded up a list of six drugstore lip balms we deem the best of the best. And though Dr. Pepper and Bubble Gum Lip Smackers didn't make the cut, they'll always hold a special place in our hearts—right next to Bop It, JT with ramen hair, and Hip Klips. Keep reading for the six best drugstore lip balms, according to our editors.