The 7 Best Drugstore Lashes of 2019

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Drugstore lashes solve a number of small yet important conundrums. They’re usually made from less-expensive synthetic fibers, some of which are just as soft as mink lashes, if you’re concerned about the ethics of using mink hairs. And because drugstore lashes are cheaper, it feels less wasteful to toss them after they inevitably reach their end. To save you the trouble of hours of eyelash-swatching (inconvenient, not very hygienic), we’ve rounded up the top drugstore eyelashes, from pretty clusters to a budget-friendly dose of drama. 

Best Overall: House of Lashes Allura Lashes

 House of Lashes

 A bolder version of their popular “Allura Lite” lashes, these fluffy, dramatic lashes work on practically every shape. In the package, they look denser than they actually are, but they’re versatile enough for daytime and nighttime wear. They’re comfortable, easy to apply, and are just the right size for most eye shapes, meaning you won’t have to trim them down.

The soft fringe opens up the eye, and, thanks to their lightweight construction, blinking with these on isn’t a chore. The Allura lashes last through 15 wears, given you remove them gently and clean them. And if you’re looking for something else to throw in your cart, the House of Lashes adhesive is also excellent for the price. 

Best Budget: Ardell Natural Lash 120


The Ardell nomenclature is admittedly confusing, partly because of the strange numbering and the sheer number of lash configurations. These, however, are a consistent, budget-friendly favorite for their soft, wispy lashes. Lightweight and pretty, the 120 lashes fill out your existing eyelashes, rather than covering them with a whole new set. The result is suspiciously beautiful yet natural-looking lashes, not unlike that of a Glossier model. And since all false lashes have an expiration date, for the price, you won’t mind tossing these when they get mangled. You do have to be careful when removing the lashes from the tray—reviewers noted they’re prone to tearing otherwise. 

Best for Short Eyelashes: Kiss Looks So Natural Lash in Shy


If you have lashes on the shorter end, you might be tempted to go for the longest lashes you can find. The problem is, too-long falsies can engulf your eyelids. These Kiss lashes lengthen the look of your natural lashes with a slight flare to enhance your eye shape (just enough to make blinking look cinematic). They blend in with the rest of your lashes to subtly add volume, too, all while being lightweight enough for all-day wear. They’re also easy enough for beginners to try. Be sure to carefully peel the band off the tray. Tugging on the lashes will warp the shape of the lash band. 

Best Natural-Looking Lashes: Eylure Texture No. 117


At first glance, these look intimidating in the tray, but they’re not as chunky as they appear. Once you wiggle these into your lashline, the wispy lashes blend in with your real ones, so that your eyelashes look fuller and longer without a heavy band to weight them down. What’s more, the lashes come purposely tousled to mimic real lashes. The effect isn’t exactly doll-like (meaning no strangely uniform fringe bangs for your eyelids). And with these on, you won’t even need mascara. 

Best Lash Clusters: Kiss Lash Couture Faux Lash Extensions in Venus


Lash clusters, also called “lash accents,” take full lash bands and mince them into smaller, wispier clusters, usually comprised of three lashes. You can place these clusters wherever you want for a customized look, which is ideal if you’ve ever been frustrated by pre-made lash bands. These come in both short and medium lengths that you can mix together or place along your lashline for a graduated length.

You can also, like most people, place a few at the outer corners of your eyes for an almond shape. These clusters come with a flat band, rather than knotted ends, which are easier to disguise. Like the other lashes on this list, they’re reusable and easy to pop on and off (be gentle to avoid tearing). In short, a godsend if you absolutely hate working with full lash bands. 

Best Individuals: Ardell Individual DuraLash


If you want even more a custom look, Ardell also has individual lashes that, despite their diminutive size, are very easy to add to your lashline. The most frustrating part is the learning curve—it takes time to get used to clutching a tiny lash band in your fingers (or your applicator of choice) since you don’t have the rest of the band to guide you. Once you master the application, it’s never a problem again.

Reviewers advised going easy on the lash adhesive, since some experienced irritation with glue run-off. Some even used the individuals as an alternative to lash extensions, though with mixed results. Take extra care when removing them from the package: Ardell overdid the glue that attaches the lash to the case. And if you have easily-irritated eyes, a glue other than the included adhesive might be your best route. 

Best Dramatic Lashes: Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection in Boudoir


Of course, if wearing false eyelashes just to look like you’re not seems pointless to you, there’s this dramatic pair from Kiss. Wispy and full, these fan out and open up your eyes for a lush, bold look. They also, thankfully, taper from the inner to outer corners of the eye to enhance your eye shape, a pretty way of announcing you have lashes on. One thing to note is the band size.

Because these pack on more lashes, the Boudoir lash band is thicker (though still lightweight) than some might be accustomed to. False lash beginners might find them cumbersome. The thicker band, however, still blends in with your lashline. It also helps the lashes last longer, allowing you to wear them for more uses. 

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