These Drugstore False Eyelashes Have the Best Reviews

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You know what they say: Eyes are the window to the soul. So we want our eyes to look good at all times. An easy way to achieve that is to apply false eyelashes. Not only can they cut your makeup routine in half, but they also make lashes look naturally long and full. It's no wonder a former Byrdie editor admitted to being addicted to lashes for six years!

Still, eyelash extensions can be expensive and potentially damaging to natural lashes. The good thing is you can achieve the same falsie effect with lashes at your local drugstore. If you're wary about trying drugstore eyelashes, don't worry, as we were too. Can something so affordable really hold up as well as something we paid hundreds of dollars for? Many people seem to think so. We searched through our favorite drugstore extensions to find the best lashes out there.

Scroll down to see what the top-rated drugstore eyelashes are, and get ready to buy these in bulk.

Best Overall: House of Lashes Allura Lite False Lashes

house of lashes allura lite

Courtesy of House of Lashes

These uber-popular lashes feature tapered ends and a slightly dense base to help transform your next makeup look. What we love most is how versatile they are, able to take you from the office to an evening out with ease. Plus, they’re comfortable, easy to apply, and are just the right size for most eye shapes (saving you time spent trimming them down). You really can't go wrong with these beautiful, natural-looking lashes.

Added bonus: The soft fringe is made of silk, so they feel incredibly lightweight and make blinking with these on no chore at all.

Best Budget: e.l.f. Cosmetics Maximum Drama Luxe Lash Kit

elf cosmetics maximum drama lash

Courtesy of E.l.f. Cosmetics

False lashes, especially the dramatic ones, can cost a pretty penny, but not this budget buy. Maximum Drama is the name and it couldn't be more fitting. These are the brand's most voluminous lashes—with a double layer for an eye-catching look—and they blend easily with your natural lashes thanks to expertly tapered ends.

Pro tip: If you're new to using falsies, use the included precision applicator to help you nail the application every time.

Best Classic: Ardell Natural Lash 120


Ardell has no shortage of lash configurations, and the 120 lashes are among the top picks. They're a consistent, budget-friendly favorite for their soft, wispy lashes. Lightweight and pretty, the 120 lashes fill out your existing eyelashes, rather than covering them with a whole new set. The result is suspiciously beautiful yet natural-looking lashes. And since all false lashes have an expiration date, for the price, you won’t mind tossing these when they get mangled.

Best for Short Eyelashes: Kiss Looks So Natural Lash in Shy

kiss looks so natural lashes

Courtesy of Walmart

If you have lashes on the shorter end, you might be tempted to go for the longest lashes you can find. The problem is, too-long falsies can engulf your eyelids.

These Kiss lashes lengthen the look of your natural lashes with a slight flare to enhance your eye shape (just enough to make blinking look cinematic). They blend in with the rest of your lashes to subtly add volume, too, all while being lightweight enough for all-day wear.

Best Natural-Looking Lashes: Eylure Texture No. 117

eyelure no 117 lash

Courtesy of Eyelure

At first glance, these look intimidating in the tray, but they’re not as chunky as they appear. Once you wiggle these into your lash line, the wispy lashes blend in with your real ones, so that your eyelashes look fuller and longer without a heavy band to weigh them down. What’s more, the lashes come purposely tousled to mimic real lashes. And with these on, you won’t even need mascara. 

Best Dramatic Lashes: Kiss Faux Mink Collection in Boudoir


Do you love the look of dramatic lashes? Look no further than this pair from Kiss. Wispy and full, these fan out and open up your eyes for a lush, bold look. They also, thankfully, taper from the inner to outer corners of the eye to enhance your eye shape, a pretty way of announcing you have lashes on.

Best for Definition: Eylure Definition Eyelashes No. 126

eylure definition no 126

Courtesy of Eylure

When you see praise in almost all the comments, you have to believe that these lashes are good. They also claim that they are super lightweight and stay in place perfectly. 

Best Lash Clusters: Kiss Faux Lash Extensions in Venus


Lash clusters, also called “lash accents,” take full lash bands and mince them into smaller, wispier clusters, usually comprised of three lashes. You can place these clusters wherever you want for a customized look, which is ideal if you’ve ever been frustrated by pre-made lash bands. These come in both short and medium lengths that you can mix together or place along your lash line for a graduated length.

Best Individuals: Ardell Lash Trios

ardell lash trios

Courtesy of Ulta

If you prefer individual lashes over strip lashes, these are your go-to option. They're easy to apply, and you can make lashes as dramatic as you want by putting on a few at a time. 

The most frustrating part is the learning curve—it takes time to get used to clutching a tiny lash band in your fingers (or your applicator of choice) since you don’t have the rest of the band to guide you. Once you master the application, it’s never a problem again.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Check out our roundup of the best magnetic lashes for more options.

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