I Tried a Ton of Drugstore Hair Products—These Are the 7 Best

I've learned over the last few months that I have very snobby hair—up until recently, I couldn't even remember the last time I used a drugstore hair product. Call it an occupational hazard, but I decided it was time to end my streak. There are a bunch of really, really great mass-market makeup brands I turn to often, so I was sure it would be the same for hair products. 

In order to find the best of the best, I polled my fellow Byrdie editors and even took to a beauty group we formed on Facebook for more advice. After trying a lot of offerings, I found seven top-notch drugstore hair products I absolutely love. There's shampoo, conditioner, masks, serums, and sprays. Undoubtedly there'll be something for each and every one of you. So kick back, scroll down, and get excited about how much money you're about to save.

Which drugstore hair products are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below, and read all about which ones our favorite hairstylists recommend