10 Drugstore Hair Products Stylists Live By

Though we envy the lush, perfectly tousled manes of the likes of Blake Lively and Lily Aldridge, at the end of the day, their hairstylists are the ones who should really be taking credit. (Well, their hairstylists and maybe a bottle of Viviscal, $50). Celebrity hairstylists, like makeup artists, have access to the most luxe products on the market—only the best for Gigi Hadid’s strands, after all. A $35 texture spray? They’ll have two in their kit at all times. A tiny vial of some top-secret hair oil worth more than your clothing budget? Not out of the ordinary. Which is all great and everything, but what about us mere mortals? What are we to do about our sad, lifeless strands when a $50 styling cream is out of the question?

With non-industry folk in mind, we asked some of Hollywood’s top hairstylists for the products they love that are less traumatizing to the wallet. These products grace the aisles of your local Walgreens or CVS and get toted around to red carpet glam sessions with their more expensive counterparts (and performing just as well—or even better). From a magical root-boosting lotion to the industry’s favorite drugstore hair spray, keep scrolling for 10 drugstore products hairstylists swear by!

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