7 Holy Grail Summer Hair Products You Can Get at the Drugstore

Summer is finally here, brimming with things we’ve been waiting for since it ended last year—rooftop happy hours, beach days, long weekends, and summer Fridays (if you’re so lucky). But along with these hot-weather perks come factors—like humidity and sun damage—that wreak havoc on your hair. Just as your tresses were finally recovering from harsh winter months, your hair has to readjust to the upswing of heat, humidity, sweat, and salt air. It goes without saying that you can’t rely on your usual haircare regimen to combat these seasonal effects. But before you add a bunch of products with hefty price tags to your shopping cart, consider saving your cash by taking a slightly more economical—but just as effective—approach this year.

Instead of breaking the bank overhauling your haircare wardrobe for these short-lived summer days, why not update your haircare with a few choice buys from your local drugstore? For just $10, you can pick up a leave-in spray that locks in moisture or a beach-worthy texturizing cream to prepare your tresses. Whether you’re looking for summery, beachy waves, sleek, shiny strands, or polished curls that last through the day, the perfect fix has been hiding out at your local drugstore. Head below to see the best drugstore hair products under $10 to serve all your styling needs this summer.