These $2 Kmart Hair Masks are Worth 20 Times the Price (at Least)

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Piotr Marcinski / EyeEm/Getty

It's easy to get caught up thinking you've got to spend up big on haircare to see satisfying results. When giving advice on keeping strands in tiptop condition, stylists most often name luxury lines like Oribe, Ouai, Davines, and Christophe Robin as their go-tos for healing damage. Without a doubt, these brands are worth their sticker price. (Not only do they tend to use more expensive ingredients, you're also paying for beautiful packaging, premium scent, and often, a superior formulation.) All these factors naturally drive prices up, which makes total sense. But what if we told you that some of the most effective reparative ingredients in existence can come cheap? If you strip away the (beautiful) bells and whistles, it is possible to find products that do what they say without costing a bomb. Introducing our new obsession: Kmart's range of $2 hair treatments. (Yep, you read that right.)

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Pictured: Kmart Mad For Argan Oil Hair Treatment ; Mad For Keratin Hair Treatment ($2 each)

While they're not the most chic hair treatments we've ever clapped eyes on, these pouches of hair-mending goodness do the job. One features argan oil, a vitamin E–rich ingredient that boosts hydration, softness, and shine. The other is based on keratin (the stuff your hair is made from), which effectively strengthens colour- and heat-damaged strands. Despite their simple appearance, they're worth 20 times the price—they do what they say, and that's good enough for us. A cost-effective way to stretch out our bi-weekly Kérastase and Olaplex routines, they're on the repurchase list for sure.

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