The Best Drugstore Face Mists to Refresh and Set Your Makeup

Face mists are one of those addictive beauty products that are oftentimes unnecessarily expensive but necessary to our parched, melt-prone complexions all the same. Which, obviously, puts us in a little bit of a bind when summer is fast approaching. Of course, we welcome the extra hours of daylight and nurture our affinity for barbequed hot dogs, but we simultaneously despise the inevitable dripping of sweat, dusting of flakes, and melting of makeup. Our solution: face mists, which, if we had to make a summertime comparison, is kind of like a tall, cool glass of water for our face. 

But again, back to our previous point: Some of our favorite face mists also boast frightening price tags. Thus, since we'd like to spritz our complexions with zero abandon and with just as few qualms pertaining to a dwindling bank account this summer, we thought we'd pull together a list of the best face mists you can find at your local drugstore. From makeup-setting to thirst-quenching powers, here's Team Byrdie's ultimate list of the 11 best drugstore face mists your beauty routine is craving this summer. Keep reading!