These Drugstore False Eyelashes Have the Best Reviews

You know what they say: Eyes are the window to the soul. So we want our eyes to look good at all times. In all honesty, false lashes changed my beauty life. Not only did they cut my makeup routine in half (so that now I'm only a little late when running to things), but they also made my lashes look naturally long and full. My only critique is that getting them professionally done is an expensive habit. We've investigated to see if there's a chance they'll ruin your natural lashes. A former Byrdie editor even admitted to being addicted to lashes for six years. The good thing is you can achieve the same falsie effect with lashes at your local drugstore. If you're wary about trying drugstore eyelashes, don't worry, as we were too.

First thing's first, though. You must know how to apply them. Be patient with yourself and remember that practice makes perfect. Can something as cheap as $3 really hold up as well as something we paid hundreds of dollars for? Many people seem to think so. We searched through our favorite drugstore extensions to find the best lashes out there. Scroll down to see what the top-rated drugstore eyelashes are, and get ready to buy these in bulk.