10 Eye Shadow Primers Under $10 That Actually Work

Updated 04/14/19
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If you’re an eye shadow junkie, you likely know the importance of a good primer. While there are plenty of formulas that claim to ban creases, provide long-lasting wear, and decrease fallout, we know spending a fortune on another makeup bag essential isn’t always in the cards. If you’re looking for a primer that won’t break the bank, we’ve compiled six of the best drugstore eye shadow primers under $10.

While I can think of a few worse things than eye shadow creasing throughout the day, it is nonetheless frustrating, especially if you spent a good chunk of time applying your makeup. To make sure your shadow and liner stay put, no touch-ups necessary, start your makeup routine with one of these wallet-friendly primers. From sheer formulas that ward off creases to no-smudge tinted primers and clear solutions that set shadow all day long, we’ve rounded up the most inexpensive primers that don’t skimp on quality. Keep reading for the best under-$10 drugstore eye shadow primers on the market.

Nyx Proof It Eyeshadow Primer $5

Need your eye shadow to last all day and night? Look for a waterproof formula like this anti-fading and smudge-proof primer from Nyx, which Target reviewer Kay says kept her shadow in place for a “whole 12-hour work shift.”

Wet n Wild Picture Perfect Eyeshadow Primer $5

This mattifying primer sets clear so it doesn’t take away from the color of your shadow, liner, etc. According to Target reviewer Owl_Pink, her “eyeliner does not wear off” when prepped with this primer—which is just what the doctor ordered.

E.l.f. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer $2

This wallet-friendly brand does not skimp on quality. Promising to increase shadow longevity without causing creases, this primer by E.l.f is a drugstore favorite. Don’t believe us? Check the Walmart review section, where user bblevins9 wrote, “I was blown away by this product,” as it does a “great job evening out the color of my eyelids.”

Nyx Eyeshadow Base $5

It’s no surprise that we are featuring cult-favorite makeup brand Nyx yet again, as many of its products are unprecedented even by luxury beauty standards. This eye shadow base, which comes in a variety of colors, is one of those instances where Nyx reigns supreme, as Ulta reviewer AnaM says, “It applies very smoothly [and] stays flawless all day long.” Pro tip: If you are looking to magnify your shadow color, this promises to boost it up to 100 times.

E.l.f. Eye Primer & Liner Sealer $3

This multipurpose primer is a must for the wearer who wants to get the most out of their makeup products. One side has a shadow primer that prevents from fading, bleeding, or creasing while the other side offers a primer that turns your shadow into a long-lasting waterproof liner thanks to its liquid-filled felt tip. You really can’t go wrong with this priming duo.

Milani Eyeshadow Primer $7

FYI: Venus Williams is obsessed with this cult-favorite drugstore brand. And at only $7, this long-lasting eye shadow primer is a steal. 

Look for a primer in a neutral shade to even out light skin tone and look invisible under your shadow of choice.

Covergirl Lid Lock Up Eyeshadow Primer $9

With 25 reviews and an (almost) solid five-star review history on Ulta, it doesn't get much better than this best-of-the-best drugstore eye shadow primer from Covergirl. And according to said reviews, it will last through almost anything. "Was in tears today at work and my eyes still look like they did this morning!!! Going to stock up on this one," reports one happy reviewer. Sad but helpful!

Morphe Eyelid Primer $10

Waterproof, silky, and promising 12 hardcore hours of wear, this eye shadow from Morphe might be cutting it close on our $100-and-under budget, but we think it's 100% worth it. Creases are a thing of a past, and it dries sheer and undetectable atop your lids.

Revlon ColorStay Eyeshadow Primer $9

Revlon’s ColorStay collection (we’ll always be especially passionate about the namesake eyeliners) has made a name for itself within crème-de-la-crème drugstore fodder, and this eye-enhancing primer is no different. Designed with good-for-the-skin ingredients, it will last a whopping 24 hours (like, wow) and promises to blend and smooth with non-greasy, non-drying abandon. Essentially, it’s perfect in each and every way.

Magic De-Crease Eyelid Primer, 0.19 Ounces
L'Oréal Magic De-Crease Eyelid Primer $6

If you’re a fan of cream shadows, you’re likely familiar with a creasy lid. This primer promises to prevent those creases and lasts up to eight hours, and according to a review from Ulta, it does just that. User BusyWorkingMomWithTwins wrote, “It actually keeps my cream shadows from creasing.”

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Want more tips for a smudge-proof, crease-free eye makeup look? Check out this internet-favorite eye shadow primer.

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