5 Drugstore Contouring Brushes That Don't Cost a Small Fortune

Updated 08/14/17
Best Drugstore Contour Brushes

It's a fact that contouring is no longer just reserved for makeup artists and the Kardashians. The art of playing up your bone structure is now a staple in almost everyone's beauty routine. Whether you're using a cream, a liquid, or a powder, the key to a subtle, naturally sculpted complexion is all in the application. And the best news is, drugstore brushes have really stepped up their game since the whole contouring movement began. So that also means there's a slew of reasonably-priced drugstore contouring brushes that actually work (and for a fraction of the price).

While you might not be the type to spend hours sculpting your way to Insta-perfect cheekbones, a little light and shade works wonders when it comes to adding depth to your face shape. Be it a brush or a sponge, quality is essential when it comes to choosing your weapon of choice (because no one wants stripes), so keep scrolling for the best drugstore contouring brushes on the market and what to use them for. 

Ecotools Seamless Stippling Brush $20

A mix of natural and synthetic fibers make this brush great for creams and powders. Use it to buff in deeper creams or powders under the cheekbone and along your jaw. The short chubby bristles give great control, too.

Models Prefer Dual Purpose 103 Highlight & Contour Brush $19

The dome shape on this brush means it's perfect for dusting on powder highlighters. Use it along the brow bone, cupids bow, and along the bridge of your nose for a soft-focus glow. 

Nude By Nature Ultimate Perfecting Brush $30 $22

If you use a powder to contour, you need firmly packed bristles to distribute product evenly. The shape of this makes it easy to hold, and the short bristles mean you can buff in any product for a subtle contour.

Revlon Contour/Highlighting Brush $17

This fluffy brush from Revlon is ace for powder formulas. Use it to dust on your favourite bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and the hairline. Alternatively, it works for powder illumintors, too (just not at the same time). 

TRX Fan Highlighter Brush $23

You may have seen many a beauty blogger using a fan brush to artfully apply highlighter. The natural bristles are precise, and best used on cheekbones, brow bones, and decolletage. 

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