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This $3 Drugstore Product Is the Secret to Really Good Brows

Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencil

"Perfect brows" have been buzzy in the beauty world for quite some time now. Gone are the thin, over-plucked arches of our collective youth, and in their place, we now covet eyebrows full enough to rival Cara Delevingne's famous pair. While some are lucky enough to be naturally blessed in the brow department, and need no more than a swipe of clear gel to keep everything in check, I personally wish I had a bit more going on. If you can relate, you're likely also accustomed to spending lots of hours and dollars on maintenance.

While there are countless brow pencils out there that claim to be the best at filling in gaps, I've found one drugstore buy that trumps all others I've tried (yep, even the designer stuff) on colour, blendability, and price. Discovering Essence's Eyebrow Designer was a game-changer for me and my brows. Sold at Priceline, it makes full, defined arches a reality for under a fiver (!!!).

Keep scrolling for why I'm obsessed with this pencil.

Essence Eyebrow Desinger $3

The features are fairly standard, although it comes with a brush built into the lid so you don't need any other tools. What I love most is the texture of the pencil—it glides on like a dream, and never drags or pulls, which means it doesn't leave obvious lines. I use it to etch fine strokes through my brows to mimic the appearance of hairs, then comb it all through to blend. Another drawcard is the colour. While it only comes in three shades, both the blonde and brown variants deliver a perfectly ashy (but not too cool) tone that allows the product to look natural. And did I mention it's $3? What's not to love?

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