The 9 Drugstore Products Byrdie Editors Fell in Love With This Month

There's this very odd pattern we fall into as beauty editors. Part one: We spot an over-the-top beauty product practically promising to rid the world of all evil. Part two: We open it, we try it, we expect our lives to change, and we're disappointed. Not always, but often. After all, we're kind of trained to want and desire the beauty products that seem almost unattainable, right? Which is perhaps why we're less inclined to open up a product hailing from the drugstore and more inclined to open the drippy, bank-breaking golden child of a launch sitting right next to it.

However, there's a part three to the saga: Dejected by the underwhelming results of said expensive product that misguidedly promised us everything, we open up a comparably budget-friendly option, we try it, and we are pleasantly surprised. In fact, we love it. We can't stop talking about it, and we wonder why we ever tried convincing ourselves we preferred a similar product 10 times the price with only half the efficacy. (You'd think we'd have learned our lesson by now, right?)

So to help kick the habit, we decided to share the nine best drugstore beauty products we tried in April—all of which are $20 and under. And while some are new new, some are just new to us. Regardless, we thought you needed to know about them ASAP. Keep scrolling for the nine best drugstore beauty products Byrdie editors discovered (and ultimately fell for) this month.