Found: The Best Disposable Razors for Sensitive Skin


Target/Haobin Ye

When you have sensitive skin, even the most innocuous offense has a way of igniting irritation and inflammation. Shaving can become a particularly troublesome task—blades are grazing the skin, pores become vulnerable, chemicals in shaving creams can irritate, and there's always the risk of nicks and cuts. If you have sensitive skin, it's essential that you choose a razor that's going to provide you with a close, clean shave. Multiple blades that stay sharp with every use, a design that allows the razor to accommodate your curves with every stroke, and lubricated strips infused with vitamins or inflammation-fighting ingredients are all features you should look for to save your skin while getting the job done. Luckily, there are razors specifically designed to give you smooth, silky legs without wreaking havoc on your sensitive skin.

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