8 Popular Diet Tips Nutritionists Think You Should Ignore



As new health research comes to light and we collectively begin to leave crash diets and outdated advice behind, it's important to redirect our wellness education. Over the last decade, with the wellness craze, self-care rhetoric, and every new diet under the sun touted as the next big thing, things have gotten confusing. No longer is artificial sweetener a recommended addition to our morning coffee and juice cleanses have (thankfully) been proven bullshit. Effective diets and delicious, nutrient-rich foods don't have to be mutually exclusive. But it's also difficult to parse through all the various new information with an understanding of what's real and what's propaganda.

It's because of these muddled waters, inconsistent messaging, and wholly unhealthy and unsustainable programs that we began to crave a new dieting regimen—one that is both easy to follow and good for our bodies. So we asked for help. Below, find eight popular diet tips to erase from your memory.