How to Make Sure Your Diet Doesn't Ruin Your Social Life


Urban Outfitters

We’ve all been there (or at least, I have)—you’re a few days into your new healthy-living plan and stuck front and center at a cocktail party (or a dinner party, particularly tasty bar, et al). You wince each time a tray of fried deliciousness is passed directly under your nose, and you’ve never seen fizzy cocktails look quite so refreshing. Everywhere you look, guests are having a seemingly better time than you are, as they bite down casually on lobster rolls and tiny hot dogs and take satisfying swigs of their drinks.

The choice seems clear: Either you’re going to have a terrible time at an event where you should be celebrating, or you’re going to indulge, throw caution and diet rules to the wind, and chow down. Then you’ll have to deal with the guilt when you wake up the next morning.

Not so!

With a little planning and strategy, sticking to a diet and maintaining your social life doesn’t have to be so stressful. I tapped fitness expert Brooke Alpert and holistic nutritionist Eve Lynn Kessner for their best hacks for staying healthy… but still happy.