The New Diet Rules: 10 Small Eating Changes That Make a Huge Difference

Dieting is a tricky subject. There are so many options out there—trust me, I've done the research. Every expert has something different to say, and every diet trend seemingly gets more and more bizarre. Take the Master Cleanse, for example: the juice fast program where you're not actually allowed to eat and instead only consume a concoction made from lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. News editor Victoria Hoff discusses her takeaway: "The Master Cleanse is a shitshow (figuratively and literally). But lemon juice and cayenne do make for a wonderful drink to get things flowing first thing in the a.m.—followed by ACTUAL FOOD." See what I mean? Fads are not sustainable. Eating like Kim Kardashian West is a testament to your willpower and discipline, but according to Editorial Director Faith Xue, implausible in the long run. The buzzy Whole30 diet is "designed to change your life in 30 days," according to the website. However, experts rated it dead last in an annual ranking of 38 different diets.

It's because of these muddled waters, inconsistent messaging, and wholly unhealthy and unsustainable programs that we began to crave a new dieting regimen—one that is both easy to follow and good for our bodies. After experimenting with food restriction, disordered thoughts, and crash dieting for what feels like forever, I'm no longer willing to serve up my well-being in exchange for this year's ideal body. With that, I give you a completely new way to look at wellness. I'm talking dieting guidelines, yes, but more so a basis for living a healthy, satisfied, and unrestrictive existence. And frankly, it's far less of a bummer. Keep reading to find out the 10 small changes that can make a huge difference in leading a healthier diet regimen.