Nutritionists Agree: This Is the Best Diet for Your Overall Health

When the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, more than 20% of Americans pledged to lose weight this year—the most popular resolution by far. But there's a reason nearly half these people will give up on their commitment by February: Of the countless diets and detoxes to choose from, only a select few actually work.

If narrowing it down seems daunting, take comfort in the fact that a panel of esteemed experts has already done that work for you. Every year, U.S. News and World Report releases a power ranking of the best eating plans not just for weight loss, but overall wellness, too—taking factors like nutrition, convenience, longevity, and (of course) effectiveness into account. The 2017 list has officially arrived—and frankly, the results kind of took us by surprise.

We figured that the Mediterranean diet would be the clear winner in the "overall" category, since experts constantly extol the eating plan for its array of delicious, nutrition-packed options: Heart-healthy fish, fresh produce, olive oil, and red wine are all encouraged (in balance, of course), making it an ideal choice if you want to avoid feeling deprived. (And from a beauty perspective, consuming all those healthy fats does wonders for your skin and hair.) All this considered, we were a little floored when we saw that, in fact, U.S. News ranked the Mediterranean diet as the runner-up, rather than the winner. So who took first place?