City Guide: The 5 Best Dermatologists in San Francisco

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From rash remedies to mole removals and clearing up pimples, dermatologists take care of all our skincare woes, which is why it's important to have a good dermatologist on call. Since finding a trustworthy doctor who also treats our ailments can be a bit tricky, we've compiled a list of the best in San Francisco.

Be it a yearly skin checkup or an appointment regarding a blemish or two, it's important that you have a good experience when visiting your doctor. Want laser treatment for dark spots? William Kwan, MD, is your guy. Or perhaps you want to try a new treatment for your rosacea? Visit Andrea Hui, MD. Whatever you skin ailment, one of these Bay Area–based dermatologists is bound to get to the bottom of it.

For the best dermatologists in San Francisco, keep on reading.

Dr. Monica Dahlem - best dermatologists in san francisco

Dermatologist Monica Dahlem, MD, is "dedicated to her role as your skincare guru," says Liz Babb, a Bay Area resident and the owner of Liz Beauty. Not only did Dahlem help Babb discover and remove basal cell melanoma hiding in between her crow's feet, but she also removed a mole on Babb's cheek with no noticeable scarring. And, while Dahlem is clearly talented at medical dermatology, she also happens to be a cosmetic dermatologist. But, don't worry, she won't push cosmetic procedures on you, says Babb, not unless you want them.

Dermatology Medical Group
490 Post St., Suite 700, San Francisco, 94102
(415) 362-2238

Dr. Andrea Hui - best dermatologists in san francisco

If you plan to get cosmetic work done, it's of utmost importance that you find a skilled physician like Andrea Hui, MD. Having practiced cosmetic dermatology for years, Hui is extremely talented when it comes to treating rosacea, removing scars, and performing natural-looking fillers. Don't believe us? Just take a look at her before-and-after photos.

Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology
2299 Post St., Suite 312, San Francisco, 94115
(805) 973-0495

Dr. William Kwan - best dermatologists in san francisco

If you're in need of laser treatment, look no further than William Kwan, MD. Not only does Kwan's office house some of the most advanced laser technology in the Bay Area, but he is also exceptionally talented at performing laser treatments of all kinds, such as tattoo removal and wrinkle reduction.

Kwan Dermatology
360 Post St., Suite 400, San Francisco, 94108
(415) 217-3880

Dr. Megin Scully - best dermatologists in san francisco

Specializing in sun damage, dermatologist Megin Scully, MD, comes highly recommended by Hadley Mendelsohn, a Bay Area native and former editor at My Domaine. Mendelsohn says "Scully is super honest, thorough, and informative, but she's also relaxed and has a great sense of humor, which puts me at ease when I'm being poked at and warned against the dangers of my freckles." She further adds that Scully is attentive to the patient's needs, and is seemingly unbothered by time, aka doesn't rush appointments.

Dermatology Medical Group
490 Post St., Suite 700, San Francisco, 94102
(415) 362-2238

Dr. Anthony Badame - best dermatologists in san francisco

Chosen as one of Silicon Valley's Top Doctors by his peers, there is no doubt that Badame is a talented dermatologist. Thorough, well-organized, professional, and thoughtful are just a few of the words used to describe Badame on Yelp. One reviewer William M. shares, "I have been seeing Dr. Badame for several years. I originally had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my neck. He did a complete removal and no reoccurrence since the in-office surgery."

Dr. Badame Dermatology
2025 Forest Ave., Suite 9, San Jose, 95128
(408) 297-4200

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