The 17 Best Deodorants on the Market, According to Team Byrdie

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In the world of beauty products, deodorant may not necessarily be the sexiest on the block. Still, you’re probably not using that gorgeous red lipstick daily, but we’re willing to bet you are swiping on a deodorant every day, right? And as of late, this basic personal care necessity has reached new heights, with more options out there than ever before.

Whether you’re in need of a serious, sweat-stopping antiperspirant, or are making the switch to more natural, aluminum-free deodorants, the market is saturated with a little something for everyone. (As a quick reminder, antiperspirants are the only ones that will actually stop sweat, though they do so using ingredients that are somewhat controversial in the safety department. Deodorants simply contain ingredients to mask or prevent odor, but you will still sweat.)

Show your armpits some love with any one of these deodorants for women.

Best Overall: Dove Aluminum-Free Deoderant

Dove 0% deodorant

Regardless of preference, we guarantee you there’s a Dove deodorant for that. They have a variety of traditional antiperspirants, including the new, aluminum-free deodorant that was a big hit with Byrdie editors, sprays, wipes…you get the picture. In total, including all of the extensive scent options, there are over 60 unique variants. In true Dove fashion, all of the formulas are super moisturizing and gentle on skin, too.

Best for Workouts: Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and Deodorant

secret clinical strength invisible solid deodorant

The sweatiest spin class or hottest yoga session is no match for this bad boy, which touts an impressive 20% aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex (say that three times fast), the active ingredient that keeps sweat at bay, and the highest concentration you can get over-the-counter. Top tip: Swipe it on at bedtime so it can do its thing overnight to minimize sweat, and keep on working for up to 48 hours. It also comes in both solid and gel variants.

Best Natural: Kopari Beauty Coconut Deodorant

Kopari Coconut Deodorant

A Byrdie Eco Beauty Award-winner, this aluminum- and baking soda-free formula uses coconut water, coconut oil, and sage oil to keep you fresh all day. We love it for its ability to ward off sweat and odor (even for one Byrdie editor who normally relies on the high-powered antiperspirants), and the rounded shape, which makes application super easy.

Best for Sensitive Skin: Corpus The Botanist Natural Deodorant

Corpus The Botanist Natural Deodorant

Byrdie’s editorial director Faith Xue swears by this natural option; she raves about the sophisticated fragrances, smooth, residue-free application, and chic packaging. While many natural deodorants use baking soda—which can potentially be irritating for some—this relies on tapioca starch and diatomaceous earth to wick away moisture, and it’s also free of synthetic fragrance, a boon for those with sensitive underarm skin.

Best Odor-Repelling: Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

This cruelty-free, vegan formula (another Byrdie fan favorite) is free of both aluminum and drying alcohol, and uses only 100% natural fragrance. Refreshing eucalyptus oil leaves you feeling—and smelling— fresh, while citronellyl neutralizes odor. Bonus points for the clear gel that glides on nicely, without leaving behind any residue.

Best Budget: Schmidt's Deodorant Stick

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

This natural deodorant is a winning combo of affordable and effective, which is why it's Commerce Editorial Director Jess Mahgerefteh's daily go-to. Magnesium hydroxide controls odor while coconut oil nourishes the skin; This refreshing bergamot and lime version is Jess' favorite, but the brand also offers others like rose and vanilla, lavender and sage, and charcoal and magnesium. One thing to note: This formula does contain baking soda, so if you're sensitive to that, Schmidt's offers a baking soda-free option, too.

Best Scent: Nécessaire The Deodorant

Nécessaire The Deodorant

When Byrdie contributor Jenna Igneri tested Nécessaire's debut deodorant, she fell in love with its eucalyptus scent immediately. "I never thought that a deodorant could smell sexy," she wrote in her review, "But this is it." It doesn't just smell great, though—its natural formula really works, thanks to lactic and mandelic acids (which fight odor) and a blend of while silica, zinc, and kaolin clay (to keep you dry).

Best Spray: Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Spray deodorants are back in a big way. This one earns top marks for not only being alcohol-free (no stinging or irritation here, even if you spritz it on right after shaving), but also containing moisturizers to keep skin extra soft and smooth. Plus, it goes on totally clear, so there’s never any need to worry about tell-tale white streaks on your LBD.

Best Plant-Based: Briogeo B. Well Tea Tree + Eucalyptus Clean Natural Deodorant

Briogeo B. Well Tea Tree + Eucalyptus Clean Natural Deodorant

Briogeo is best known for its hair products, but this plant-based natural deodorant from the brand is worth your time, too. Tea tree oil helps fight odor-causing bacteria, coconut oil soothes and hydrates the skin, and eucalyptus delivers a cool, refreshing scent. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, and comes in recyclable packaging.

Best Wipes: Pacifica Beauty Natural Beauty Underarm Wipes

Choice for when you’re on-the-go, these make it easy to freshen up, fast. Another one of our favorite natural options, a deodorizing blend of essential oils keeps B.O. at bay, while coconut milk and shea butter help hydrate. Use them not only under your arms but anywhere on your body whenever a shower is hard to come by.

Best Cream: Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream

Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream

Cream deodorants can be a bit messy, but not this one from Drunk Elephant—its twist-up-style applicator is super easy to use. What's more, its formula nixes odor-causing bacteria, absorbs moisture, and soothes the skin thanks to mandelic acid, arrowroot, and shea butter. It's also totally free of baking soda, essential oils, aluminum-derived ingredients, sulfates, silicones, and fragrances, so it's safe for sensitive underarms.

Best Fair-Trade: Alaffia Everyday Coconut Charcoal Deodorant

Alaffia Everyday Coconut Charcoal Deodorant

This product is so much more than an effective natural deodorant. Yes, it'll keep you feeling fresh—thanks to soothing coconut, odor-neutralizing charcoal, antibacterial neem, and nourishing shea butter—but it supports an excellent cause. Any purchase from Alaffia will help fund the company's efforts to empower communities in Togo, West Africa, through the advancement of Fair Trade, education, sustainable living, and gender equality.

Best Crystal: Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

It can admittedly take a little bit of time to get used to using crystal deodorant, but if you’re ready to make the switch, this one gets our vote. A mineral salt shaped into a gem-like stone, all you have to do is moisten the top and rub it under your arms.

Best Drugstore: Native Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant

Native Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant

This aluminum-, paraben-, cruelty-free drugstore buy consistently pulls in thousands of glowing reviews, with users applauding how well it works. It comes in four different scents, plus seasonal varieties, as well as a custom option that lets you create your own.

Best Personalized: Nala Personalized Deodorant

Nala Personalized Deodorant

Anything and everything custom are having a major moment in the beauty world, and deodorant is no different. This brand lets you customize not only the scent but the strength, too, for a final formulation that suits exactly your needs and preferences. The natural option is free from aluminum, parabens, and other hard-to-pronounce ingredients, instead relying on baking soda plus organic essential oils, butter, and waxes. 

Best Hair-Inhibiting: Completely Bare Pit Stop Hair Inhibiting Deodorant

A deodorant that can cut down on how often you have to shave? It sounds too good to be true, but one Byrdie editor put this to the test and found that it seriously works after about three weeks. Credit natural plant extracts that slow down hair growth, while also delivering an anti-inflammatory effect.

Best Probiotic: Iyoba Probiotic Deodorant


Say goodbye to bacteria (literally) and hello to freshness with this probiotic deodorant. Natural enzymes do the work to fight odor causing bacteria, so harmful ingredients like aluminum don't have to. Many natural deodorants have a bit of a learning curve, but reviewers cite this product as love at first use.

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