I Tested 5 "De-Bloating" Products, Foods, and Supplements—This Is What Worked



After researching the most natural (and effective) ways to debloat, I decided to try out each one on my own body. As I've learned previously, everything works differently for every single body. Like, while some have trouble digesting dairy, that's never been an issue for me. For me personally, it's sugar and gluten that wreak havoc. And so on. So, a little experimentation was in order.

I tried all the most popular debloating tactics, from apple cider vinegar and fermented foods and MCT oil and chewing very slowly (yes, that's a thing). Below, find which ones worked best and which, well, didn't make much of a difference. Of course, as a sidenote, it's important to check with your doctor before taking any supplements or to see if something out of the ordinary is causing your bloat. Afterward, feel free to join me in what I like to call "how to stop looking so damn puffy all the time." Perhaps that should be the title of my memoir.