The 5 Best Date Night Subscription Boxes of 2023

Happily is the most customizable date night subscription box

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Whether you’re newly dating or have been happily married for years, there’s one thing all couples have in common—the endless search for a successful date night. Sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck in a rut, doing the same thing over and over, or like you don’t have a clue how to spend that dedicated time in a meaningful way. It’s with that conundrum in mind that date night subscription boxes were created.

With a range of goodies that includes games, snacks, and a host of creative activities that couples can engage in, these services plan out the perfect night in for you and your significant other. You don't have to do any of the research. (Or leave your living room.) The best date night subscription boxes do the hard work for you, so you can focus on having fun with your loved one and learning more about each other. Because there’s always something new to find, no matter how long you’ve been together—it just takes the right scenario to uncover those hidden facets of your partner and build an even more rock-solid relationship.

We sifted through the offerings and found the five best date night subscription services. Keep reading to discover our picks.

The 5 Best Date Night Subscription Boxes of 2023

Best Overall : Happily




This subscription service gets top marks for a few reasons: In addition to the slick packaging and clever date ideas, it offers a personalized touch that allows you to customize your experience.

Before getting started, you'll fill out a questionnaire about your likes and dislikes as a couple, and Happily will curate your boxes based on that profile. So, if you’re a more adventurous type, you’ll get bundles that are aimed at your need for exploration, while the homebodies out there will receive something a bit more low-key.

Additionally, the company also offers classes with leading industry experts to help talk about tough topics as a couple—money, sex, the right way to fight—by using instructional videos and workbooks. If that wasn’t enough, Happily plans to release a city-based app that will help you plan date nights outside the house, creating an itinerary for you and your partner. Boxes range from about $33 to $40 a month—depending on which subscription you choose—and classes are roughly $30 per topic, which rotate regularly.

Best Budget : Crated With Love

Crated With Love

Crated With Love


If you want to have fun without spending too much of your hard-earned cash, Crated With Love has got you covered.

The company offers prepaid subscriptions at around $30 a box, or you can do one-time deliveries for roughly $40, so you can pick and choose when and how often you want to receive your goodies.

Crated With Love definitely doesn’t skimp on the fun. The themes are creative and imaginative, with past boxes like “The Awkward Years,” a ‘90s-themed box that takes you back to your pre-teen days, and “The Lost Island,” a prehistoric game night that has you teaming up with your partner to escape a remote island overrun by dinosaurs.

In addition to being fun, each theme also features a real-life skill set to help you learn as a couple, like facing your fears and learning how to work together as a team.

Best for Drinking Buddies : Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon

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Love the experience of bonding over a great craft cocktail, but hate the whole bar scene? Shaker & Spoon is the box for you. While technically aimed at budding bartenders, we think it’s a great replacement for the classic date scenario of fighting your way into a crowded bar and trying to yell at your honey over the roar of rowdy tables.

For roughly $40 to $50 a month, the company will send you all the ingredients you need (minus the actual alcohol) to make 12 specialty cocktails (four from each recipe) that would make any bartender proud. And we’re not talking your standard margaritas and Moscow mules: These inventive drinks feature a range of unique and rare ingredients that you most likely haven’t used in your own at-home bar.

Shaker & Spoon even has house-made specialty syrups specifically for that month’s drink selection. And the pros at Shaker & Spoon will recommend their favorite alcohol to perfectly complement the drink. The company also has how-to videos to go along with the recipe cards, so you can perfect your technique and impress each other with your superior cocktail-shaking skills.

Most Convenient : DateBox Club

DateBox Club

DateBox Club


Convenience is key with DateBox Club, which gives you lots of flexibility over your date night options. Within seven days of placing your order, the first box will ship and then continue to ship every month. But if you’re planning a special night, you can contact the company and arrange for a different delivery date.

DateBox Club's bundles vary in price, depending on which subscription you choose: about $42 for one month, $40/month for three months, $39/month for six months, and $38/month for a year. While each box is different, it generally revolves around a common category like DIY, game night, or travel, all with the goal of helping you do something fun together and growing your relationship. Along the way, you might even push your boundaries a little bit.

DateBox Club also offers digital dates for about $5, which are sent to your email on the first of the month and include instructions and a list of supplies needed to create your date.

Best Variety : Unbox




The folks at Unbox like to keep you guessing with themes each month that run the gamut from brainteasers to “travel” getaways to far-off locales.

You won’t know what you’re getting in advance, but that’s part of the fun. It’s hard to get bored when each month is something new that you might not have thought to do yourself. If you keep an open mind and are willing to get creative, Unbox has some surprises in store for you.

Past box examples include themes like Escape Room/Mystery (at-home mystery games), Cranial Couples (snacks and brain games), Time Machine (nostalgia-themed trivia and products), and Castaways (island-themed provisions and games).

Each box is about $45 a month and you can choose from one-, three-, or six-month packages. Your box will auto-renew but you can cancel at any time and shipping is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Date Night Subscription Boxes?

Date night subscription boxes are monthly services that provide couples with an ever-changing rotation of themed activities to create an at-home date night to enjoy together and, ideally, forge a stronger, healthier relationship through communication and teamwork.

Who Should Use Date Night Subscription Boxes?

The beautiful thing about date night subscription boxes is that they are appropriate for couples of all ages and can be enjoyed no matter the stage of your relationship. If you’ve started dating and want to get to know each other better or are married with kids and looking to reconnect, date night boxes let you dedicate time to your relationship in a fun, meaningful way with kits formulated by experts.

How Much Do Best Date Night Subscription Boxes Cost?

Prices vary based on services and whether you opt for a month-to-month or prepaid monthly subscription. The five boxes we highlighted range in price from about $30 to $50 a month.


When deciding on the best date night subscription boxes, we looked for ones that offered a variety of ways for couples to bond, and that encouraged communication. They also had to have enough variety and creativity to keep subscribers guessing and not be something they could have easily created on their own.

Happily was an easy pick, thanks to its focus on strengthening a relationship through educational classes as well as semi-personalized boxes with a focus on collaboration, while Unbox and Crated With Love got our thumbs up for their innovative and quirky themes. Shaker & Spoon was a bit more specialized but still fit into the parameters of a classic date night by taking a common date-night activity—drinking—and making it an interactive at-home experience.

Best Date Night Subscriptions Boxes

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