10 Date-Night Makeup Looks to Help You Feel Confident

We tend to categorize makeup looks by the environment they're best suited to. You're headed into the office? Go for a sleek and refined look. You're going to Sunday brunch? Go for a fresh-faced beauty look with glowy, highlighted skin. You're getting ready for a date night? You should go with…

That's the thing. There is no average date-night look, just like there isn't really an average date night. Some people opt for a bold and striking look while others take a subtle, low-key approach. Aside from personal preference, though, your makeup look also probably depends on the situation. Think about it—it's likely your preferred look will change if you're preparing for a fancy candlelit dinner than if, let's say, you're meeting a new flame at a coffee shop for a quick cold brew on a Saturday.

While there is no "right" or "wrong" in beauty, and it should never be a complicated or stressful topic, sometimes we need some inspiration. (Makeup ruts are real, people.) By looking at other people's go-to beauty looks, it inspires us to be creative—whether that's by trying something new and unique or putting our own spin on an old classic. That's why we rounded up our nine favorite date-night looks.