These Are the Best Dark Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone


Beauty Is Boring

When the weather cools down, we find ourselves reaching less and less for pink, peach, and coral lipsticks and leaning more toward warm, vampy colors like oxblood and plum. But we've all had that moment where we daringly swipe on a deep hue, take a look in the mirror, and instantly feel less vampy and a little more vampire—which is great and all for Halloween, but not when it's the totally wrong shade and you're feeling a bit like an American Horror Story character in the office.

Never fear—dark lipstick can truly be worn by each and every skin tone, and we enlisted the help of some key players in the biz who explained to us which shades look best. And while we're all about experimenting and rocking whichever shade makes you feel confident, we think this guide will serve as a handy tool the next time you peruse the lipstick aisle. See their answers below!

So tell us: What shade of lipstick do you love to wear? Sound off below!