The 10 Best Dance Workouts Even Non-Dancers Can Appreciate

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So many of us love a dance workout for the mood-boosting effect—not to mention, they’re ideal for clocking up some serious cardio time without even noticing. But the best part of dance workouts? There’s a genre for every mood: hip-hop, contemporary, disco, ballet, and Zumba, suitable for everyone from those with two left feet to the professional shakers.

So how do you pick the best dance workout for you? We’ve rounded up 10 of the best you might want to try.

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Megan Roup’s The Sculpt Society

Former dance and fitness trainer Megan Roup brings her bubbly personality and expertise to the screen with bouncy, energetic dance cardio workouts (a few strength elements included), designed for every level of dancer, or, for that matter, non-dancer. Available to stream on The Sculpt Society app, classes range from a quick five-minute burst to a full on 50-minute all out burn, each session guided to the beat, with resistance weights and sliders often tossed in for good measure. Expect a dynamic flow of rhythmic movements and an endorphin spike that will leave you craving more.

Price: $20/month. Download The Sculpt Society here.

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Propelled into the spotlight by Columbian dancer and choreographer Beto Pérez in the 1990s, Zumba soon reached peak heights as an international fitness craze, attracting hordes of dancers and novices alike to shake it on the gym or dance floor. On the official Zumba website, you can take classes hosted by some of the program’s top instructors from around the world, live stream or on demand—no passport required.

Price: Vary. Stream Zumba classes here.

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Body by Simone

Australian fitness trainer and dancer Simone De La Rue has risen to cult status among the stars for both her lively personality and Body by Simone (BBS to those in the know) workouts, which have been a hit with Hollywood’s elite since the studio launched back in 2011. The BBS app, chock full of dance, HIIT, and trampoline classes, includes one of her signatures: Dance Cardio, a jam packed 40-minute intense dance workout, building in resistance and toning exercises to target the arms and ab. The app, which has various membership options, also features live classes from the West Hollywood studio with either Simone herself or a master BBS trainer.

Price: $18/month. Download Body by Simone here.

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Curves With Moves

NYC-based, body-positive dance guru Jessie Diaz-Herrera’s classes are a no-judgement zone for fitness enthusiasts of all body types and dance abilities. On the weekly schedule is her ‘Feel The Jiggle’ class, a 30-minute dance workout brimming with affirmations to empower self-love and acceptance, as well as her 20-minute "Seated in Sass" class–a stretch and dance class performed from the comfort of a chair. Curves With Moves also offers monthly membership options so you never miss a workout, including follow along dance classes and choreography.

Price: Choose your price per class; monthly memberships starting at $1. Stream Curves With Moves here.

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Amanda Kloots Fitness

Former Broadway dancer turned celebrity trainer Amanda Kloots knows a thing or two about moving and grooving. Her effervescence is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as you jump, twist, and circle those hips in a sexy fashion, putting every muscle in the body to hardcore use. The AK! DANCE sessions are an opportunity to sweat, shed some calories, and tone the arms and abs in a jam packed 55-minute workout. For those on the go, the Amanda Kloots app delivers a variety of on demand classes and live recordings.

Price: $19/month. Download Amanda Kloots Fitness here.

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Mylee Dance

If you have yet to dive into the world of Mylee Dance, you’re in for a treat. The Seoul-based dancer and choreographer has racked up some serious views with her colorful catalog of dynamic dance routines, aimed at getting you to move your body in new and creative ways. Featuring stage-worthy dance moves—and backed to hits from the likes of Lady Gaga, Lizzo, and Ava Max—Mylee's YouTube channel also features general dance cardio videos to work up a sweat. As some repertoires require a certain degree of coordination, in-depth live and pre-recorded tutorials are available to teach step-by-step sequences, just like the pros.

Price: $9/month. Stream Mylee Dance here.

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With a "movement for all" philosophy, Joyn flaunts its #joyfulmovement hashtag with pride via a library of follow along classes including—you guessed it—dance. Led by a cheerful squad of body-positive and relatable trainers, each workout is guaranteed to lift the spirit. As an all-encompassing fitness brand, plenty of Joyn’s workouts are adaptable for those who require seated workouts, such as this Intro to Waacking session. Other classes in the lineup include a '90s Groove-Along, and a Sexy Back dance session to bring all kinds of positive vibes straight into your living room.

Price: $10/month. Stream Joyn here.

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MadFit Dance Party Workouts

Maddie Lymburner, a 25-year-old Canadian competitive dancer, recently became a YouTube sensation for her quick, effective workouts, ideal for the time-crunched among us. Her dance party workout videos—including a dance sculpt routine to Taylor Swift’s latest album and a catalog of song workouts to master your dancer arms—blend aspects of ballet, barre, toning, and strength movements into seamless routines to work up a quick sweat anywhere, anytime. Pair them up with her library of apartment friendly, ‘no equipment’ needed full body, abs, legs, cardio, yoga, and stretch routines for an over all body workout.

Price: Free. Stream MadFit Dance Party Workouts here.

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The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade

Part fitness studio, part dance party, Jamie Kinkeade launched The Studio as a place to focus on how you feel on the inside. On tap is a variety of electrifying virtual and on demand classes, such as JAM – A Dance Fitness Experience, with a nightclub vibe to set your pulse racing to the best non-stop pop and hip hop beats. The easy to follow "steps" make this class a popular pick for every level, alongside other schedule regulars, like Pump Up The Jam, 30-minutes of high intensity cardio dance with an "arms, abs and a$$ burn" for an energetic strengthening experience, alongside HIIT Dance, a fusion of intense cardio interspersed with dance.

Price: $25/month. Stream The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade here.

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Your destination for all things dance-related, Steezy delivers hip-hop, house, jazz funk, krumping, breaking, and so much more to screen. With their motto "made by dancers, for everyone," the on-demand platform spans beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes guided by professional dance choreographers. The studio also has intuitive video controls, which allow you to switch views to see the routine in its entirety from front and back, as well as view specific sections, loop moves, control the speed, and other quirky features to make sure you perfect the dance step by step.

Price: $20/month. Stream Steezy here.

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