A Cystic Breakout Was Ruining My Life—This All-Natural Oil Killed It in 24 Hours



My teenage years came and went, leaving me miraculously unscathed in terms of acne. I was lucky enough never to have a problem with breakouts. Recently though, as an adult, it seems my luck has run out.

Around the same time every month, like clockwork, a few painful, underground breakouts crop up around my nose and chin. What's worse? They leave annoying red scars even after the pimple has cleared up. I don't understand, I'd think each morning when I noticed another red one appear as if out of nowhere.

I have a bathroom brimming with beauty products for every ailment I could possibly imagine. That is, besides acne. I've dealt with dry skin, anti-aging treatments, issues with fine lines, dark circles—the works. But never acne. So, I needed some help. I reached out to natural skincare founder (and former emergency physician) Sarah Villafranco, and she gave me a product that vanished my breakouts in less than 24 hours…