Why Is Everyone Freaking Out Over Cushion Compacts?

The beauty world is constantly innovating. Sixty years ago, self-tanner didn’t exist. Ten years ago, our beloved BB cream was just a figment of some brilliant R&D scientist’s imagination. It’s hard to imagine a world without these products, considering how widely used they are now (and our pasty legs thank the beauty gods each day for that fact).

Thus, when a new innovation enters the beauty field and gets people buzzing, we pay attention—just in case it happens to be “the next big thing.” With that in mind, enter cushion compacts, the recent product from Korea that’s officially gone mainstream. In case you haven’t seen these round little compacts around, you’re about to get schooled on why exactly they’ll change your life—and by life, we mean beauty routine (same thing, right?). From how to use them to why exactly they’re so good, keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know about cushion compacts!