15 of the Best New Curl Products for Perfectly Hydrated Coils

Curls are fun. All that texture, volume, frizz, height, definition, dimension, and bounce—embrace that. It goes without saying, a relationship with curls can get a little complicated from time to time. Like any other thing in life, curls require your full attention. They aren't exactly a low-key hairstyle, that's for sure, but the upkeep is worth it. Whether you're newly natural or in the process of transitioning your curls, you can't go on without good products on your top shelf when wash day rolls around. 

Far too often, curls and textured hair are grouped into one category, but there are different curl types which require different products. Your curl focus could be on more length, adding definition, mending breakage, replenishing moisture, and the list goes on. A lot of curl products launched this year, so this was not easy, but below we've narrowed it down to the 15 best curly hair products of 2018.