The Best Products for Curly Hair, by Girls With Naturally Curly Hair

Everyone’s hair texture is different—and even the term curly hair can vary from person to person. As such, products are certainly not one-size-fits-all. I enlisted help from some of the lovely curly-topped editors in the office (each with a different type and texture) for advice on how they maintain their ’dos.

Keep reading for a firsthand account of the best way to manage a wide variety of naturally curly hair.


Kate Winick, Social Media Manager at Who What Wear

“I have fine hair with relatively loose curls (type 3A if you are a fan of the curly hair charts), and I have been a Devachan evangelist since I was 13. I’m now 30 and their line is the only thing that's consistently worked for me. I stick to the original items from the DevaCurl line—NoPoo ($20), One Condition ($20), and the Light Defining Gel ($20), and I scrunch my hair with Aquis’s gentle and absorbent Microfiber Hair Towel ($21). I use a wide-tooth styling comb from Ricky's (RickyCare No-Frizz Wide Bar Comb, $7) to get knots out while I'm conditioning, but I am not really brand-loyal about that. DevaCurl is perfect for me because it's moisturizing but not heavy—my curls get too weighed-down and will fall and look sad with more heavy-duty products. I recommend it to anyone who complains about hating their ‘in-between’ hair—not straight or curly, just wavy and frizzy—because those people generally have looser curls like mine that just aren't getting enough moisture. Switching to a regimen designed for curls will bring them to life!”

Victoria Hoff, Associate Editor at Byrdie

“I have über-thick waves that are prone to dryness and frizz, and it has taken me YEARS to get the delicate balance of products just right. (It sounds super dramatic, but it's really true.) One of the things that made a huge difference for me and my curls is giving up shampoo and switching to a cleansing cream, which cleans out dirt and oil without stripping and drying out my hair whatsoever—holding onto enough natural oils is key for defined, glossy, frizz-free curls! I've tried a bunch, but Christophe Robin's Creme Lavante ($49) is far and away my favorite—it really gets my roots and scalp clean while conditioning my locks perfectly.

“After showering and towel-drying with a micro-fiber towel, I work in Hairstory's Hair Balm ($36) with my fingers to shape my curls and lock in moisture as they air-dry. (I don't use heat tools on my hair, so this is key for defined waves.)"