These Are the 6 Best Curling Irons for Thick Hair, Hands Down



Say yes to embracing your thick, voluminous, and textured hair. I was born with naturally thick curls, and I don't mean to brag but the bigger the hair, the better. Every woman's dying for volume these days, so you should feel like a chosen one for not having to work for your free-flowing, full locks.

Have you found hot tools that work on your full texture yet? Contrary to popular belief, heat temperature range and price points aren't the only things that determine the worth of hot tools. You can totally cop curling irons with interesting shapes and high-tech features that are made for your hair texture.

If you're still in your trial period, we rounded up the very best curling irons for thick hair that'll create the dimension you've been looking for. You could be a lover of classic, brushed out curls or more into ethereal, mermaid waves—either way, one of these will work for you. Scroll on and get ready to press add to cart on one of the below.