10 Curling Irons That Turn Fine, Thin Hair Into Bouncy Waves

My hair type can best be described as "fine, but a lot of it," which essentially means that my hair rarely can be coaxed into holding a curl longer than an hour. Generally, if I curl my hair, it's kind of like a Cinderella situation—at the stroke of midnight (or, like, an hour after curling my hair), my hair turns back into a metaphorical pumpkin.

If you are similarly afflicted, know that there's hope. First off, choose the right hair products. A heat protectant is especially important since fine hair can be prone to breakage, Dominick Pucciarello, celebrity hairstylist, says. Second, choose the right curling iron. "The biggest issue with fine hair when you curl it is overdoing it and frying your hair," Pucciarello says. "For fine hair, you don't need a curling iron that gets to 450 degrees—that is way too hot and will burn and damage your hair." (Side note: Oops, I've definitely been frying my fine hair in my quest for curls.)

Pucciarella suggests looking for one that's 310 degrees or lower. As for size? It all depends on the look you're going for. "If you want tight curls, go with a small barrel. If you want loose beach waves, go with a bigger barrel," he says. Sounds straightforward enough. Shop our picks below.