Hairstylists Agree: These Are the Best Curling Irons for Curly Hair



Attention, people of planet earth: Contrary to popular belief, curly-haired girls actually use curling irons. They're great for exaggerating the natural curl pattern without weighing hair down or using a lot of product. Plus, what else are you going to use to make sure those limp pieces of hair at the front match the rest of your spirals? (Real talk, why are there always a few places on your head where your hair refuses to curl? It’s beyond irritating, but I digress).

Curly hair needs a specific type of curling iron, though, one that will enhance the hair and offer long-lasting effects. (After all, curly hair tends to refuse holding any pattern other than its own). To save you from taking the time and effort to curl your hair just to have it revert back to normal the second you walk out the door, we reached out to a few expert hairstylists so they could share their favorite irons to use on their curly-haired clients. Keep reading to see their favorite products!