The 12 Best Crew Socks of 2022

Our best overall pick is Pact Crew Socks

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Aside from serving an important function in our wardrobe, not to mention health, socks have a lot of style power. Crew socks in particular are a fun way to personalize an outfit, with so many colors, patterns, and details to help add some flair to casual and dressy ensembles alike. 

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Our best overall pick is Pact Crew Socks, made with shrink-resistant organic cotton built to last. We love that they come in a variety of colors and sizes for women, men, and children. For a more affordable pick, consider Hanes Crew Socks Value Pack, a 10-piece option that combines comfort, softness, and a no-show style

We conducted hours of research on the best socks, evaluating them on material, fit, and any extra features. From a luxe crew sock you can wear every day to a crew sock made from recycled plastic water bottles, we share the best crew socks across a dozen categories. The founder of an artisan sock company helped us narrow down our picks, educating us on what to look for in the perfect pair of socks.

Meet the Expert

Laurie Gonyea is the founder of Silver Spun® Goods, a sock company that makes socks made from yarn infused with real silver for durability.

Ahead, find the best socks to keep your feet cozy.

Best Overall: Pact Crew Sock

Pact Crew Socks


When researching the best overall pick, we wanted a pair of socks that were versatile and durable enough for every day without actually being basic. These socks from Pact are simple and classic in design, great value (you get two luxe socks for under $20), and come in good, solid colors that go well with everything. They are made from durable organic cotton with an incredible fit, plus they are shrink resistant, which is a big bonus for cotton socks. In addition to these socks, we love Pact because they have a special striped code on their socks, so you can determine which ones are men’s, kids, and women’s when washing—it’s genius and we wish all of our socks have this feature.

Material: Cotton, recycled nylon, elastane | Size Range: One size

Best Budget: Hanes Crew Socks Value Pack

Hanes Crew Socks Value Pack


When we think of budget-friendly crew socks, it’s impossible for us not to think of Hanes—the socks are a classic, after all. Aside from their iconic reputation, Hanes Crew Socks are also good quality for the price tag (which is a whopping $1.10 per sock for this value pack) and versatile enough to wear with sneakers, boots, and socks with sandals. And, for the crafty folks, they’re fun to have on hand when you want to create your own trendy tie-dye, embroidered, or beaded socks.

Material: Cotton, polyester, spandex | Size Range: 5-9, 8-12

Best Designer: Comme Si Merino-Blend Socks

Comme Si Merino-Blend Socks

Comme Si

We are of the belief that, if you want to invest in designer socks, they either need to be ultra-stylish with a fun design or a high-quality basic that you can wear over and over again. These Comme Si socks fall under the latter with their simple yet ultra-luxe design and fantastic everyday colors. We also love these because, while they are an investment, you get two fantastic quality socks for a price more reflective of a single pair of designer socks. These are great for winter as the merino wool construction isn’t too thick but still offers a ton of warmth.

Material: Marino, polyamide | Size Range: 36-37, 38-39, 40-41

Best Active: American Trench Mil-Spec Sport Socks

American Trench Mil-Spec Sport Socks

American Trench

Traditionally, crew socks are worn with athletic sneakers, so they are made for this category. But, these American Trench socks aren’t your typical crew socks—they are made with an anti-microbial silver filament yarn (together with cotton, nylon, and spandex) to ward off bacteria and help keep your feet fresh while you work out. The socks also have a compression band that wraps around the foot for added support during physical activity.

Material: Cotton, nylon, spandex, anti-microbial silver | Size Range: One size

Best Everday: Silver Spun Goods Plush Crew Socks

Silver Spun Goods Plush Crew Socks

Silver Spun Goods

In addition to our best overall pick, these Plush Crew Socks from Silver Spun Goods are great for everyday wear. We love the elevated take on a classic style with the ruching on the foot and calf, the minimalist color, and the range of sizes offered. But, more importantly, these socks really were made for every day, thanks to the SilverSpun yarn, which helps protect soles from odor-causing bacteria and keeps them feeling fresh no matter how long you wear them. We also love that you can wear them pulled up, but they also look great scrunched down or cuffed, depending on how you want to style them.

Material: Cotton, silver, nylon, spandex | Size Range: S-XL

Best Tie-Dye: Shelly Cove Tie-Dye Crew Socks

Shelly Cove Tie-Dye Crew Socks

Shelly Cove

Tie-dye socks are here to stay and offer a fun pop of color for your soles. We love these tie-dye crew socks from Shelly Cove, which come in three vibrant colors, including a pastel hue for more subtlety. The socks are made from high-quality cotton, spandex, and polyester material, and a portion of each sock purchase gets donated to help save the sea turtles.

Material: Cotton, polyester, spandex | Size Range: One size

Best Sustainable: Girlfriend Collective Crew Sock

Girlfriend Collective Crew Sock

Girlfriend Collective

We’ll take our socks with a side of sustainability, please. These crew socks from eco-friendly activewear brand, Girlfriend Collective, are made from 90 percent recycled plastic sourced from post-consumer water bottles. On top of that, you can recycle the socks through the brand’s ReGirlfriend initiative, which upcycles old Girlfriend Collective items into new pieces. Aside from their sustainability factor, these socks are really great—they are soft, have good compression, arch support, and are great for exercise.

Material: Recycled plastic, spandex | Size Range: 1, 2, 3

Best Trendy: Kule Mon Cherry Dress Sock

Kule Mon Cherry Dress Sock

Kule Mon

Kule is our go-to for fun and trendy sock styles. Right now, we are all about the brand’s prints and adore these Cherry Dress Socks. While these are trendy, their sleek design and high-quality construction also give them a level of sophistication, so you can wear them at home or at the office. They pair well with a pair of leather loafers and midi dress and look just as great under a pantsuit.

Material: Cotton, nylon, spandex | Size Range: One size

Best Retro: Brother Vellies Cloud Sock

Brother Vellies Cloud Sock

Brother Vellies

Can we all agree that cloud socks are life? The retro-inspired style is one of our favorite looks, especially with a pair of classic sneakers. Out of all of the cloud socks out there, nothing compares to the quality, fit, and comfort level of the Brother Vellies Cloud Sock. There are also a bunch of great colors to choose from, including classic white (our favorite), bubble gum pink, and a trendy mango yellow hue.

Material: Cotton | Size Range: One size

Best Color Options: Los Angeles Apparel Flat Knit Rib Crew Sock

Los Angeles Apparel Flat Knit Rib Crew Sock

Los Angeles Apparel

If you love colorful socks, you are likely looking for crew socks with some good hues to choose from. We love these Los Angeles Apparel socks because they boast a classic silhouette, excellent calf height, and come in tons of colors. From neutrals to muted pastels, these socks are a great way to show off your colorful personality through your soles.

Material: Cotton | Size Range: 9-11

Best Cable Knit: Richer Poorer Cable Knit Socks

Richer Poorer Cable Knit Socks

Richer Poorer

Crew socks can be worn year-round, but we especially love them in the winter—and nothing beats a cozy cable knit on a snowy day. Our favorite pair of cable knit crew socks are these ones from Richer Poorer. They are made from a modal-cotton blend—making them breathable yet warm—have excellent arch support, and are constructed with silver fibers to keep odor and bacteria at bay. And, while they are warm, they are also a more lightweight cable knit, which we find more comfortable under dress shoes and boots.

Material: Modal, cotton, polyester, spandex | Size Range: One size

Best Print: MOTHER Baby Steps Csk Night Sky Cosmic Socks

MOTHER Baby Steps Csk Night Sky Cosmic Socks


Mother has some amazing crew socks, and we are especially all about this Night Sky Cosmic printed sock, which feels like a graphic tee for your feet. The Baby Steps socks feature a funky cactus, UFO, and starry sky illustration with the word “cosmic” across the sides and are made from 85 percent cotton, making them comfortable and breathable.

Material: Cotton, polyester, elastane | Size Range: One size

What to Look for in Crew Socks


“Look for a sock that has ample elasticity in the leg portion,” says Laurie Gonyea, founder of Silver Spun® Goods. The stretch will ensure comfort, but also help keep them intact, as Gonyea says crew socks are meant to stay up (but you can, of course, wear them slouched or cuffed). 


“Look for a sock that fits properly,” Gonyea explains, adding that the sock should have a heel and some shape to it. “Don’t confuse [crew socks] with tube socks—which are literally knit as a tube and sewn at the end,” she adds, noting how tube socks don’t have a heel, which makes for an uncomfortable fit. 

  • What are crew socks?

    Crew socks are a sock style that is usually ribbed with a length that reaches above the ankle and, typically, halfway up the calf. 

  • How long are crew socks?

    “They usually rise just below mid-calf,” says Gonyea. That said, some crew socks might reach mid-calf and some cropped styles might go just beyond the ankle. 

  • How do you wear crew socks?

    Traditionally, crew socks are worn with athletic shoes, but Gonyea says they go with virtually anything. “I suggest wearing them with loungewear, dresses, slacks, pants, leggings, and event bike shorts,” she recommends. Crew socks look great scrunched and paired with an ankle boot or retro running sneakers. And, you can always rock the socks with sandals trend, which we’re totally down for.

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