11 De-Puffing Eye Creams to Help You Look Better Rested This Fall

Each change of seasons presents us with a symbolic opportunity to re-evaluate our beauty routines. What could we have done better in the last season? What habits do we want to cultivate heading into the next phase of the year? The summer-to-fall transition is a particularly interesting time for renewing our skincare habits.

For much of the Byrdie team, this summer involved a lot of, well, partying. Rosé, late nights, minimal sleep. After all, it stays light out for so long. Who wants to turn in early? But now that it's early fall, things are getting a little slower, a little cozier, and we're noticing that we just look very, very tired. All those happy hours, salty French fries, and hours we should have been sleeping have led to some puffiness in the eye area that we'd like to dedicate our autumns to removing.

There are two types of under-eye puffiness. First, there's the temporary kind that results from lifestyle habits. According to esthetician Renée Rouleau, "Under-eye puffiness is brought on from eating salty foods at night, yawning, allergies and crying. Sleep also plays a part in causing puffy eyes due to the flat nature of the body laying for seven to eight hours. This makes for improper drainage of the fluid around the eyes." Then, there's sagging skin, or "bags," under the eyes that happens as a result of aging. "Bags start out in the early years as under-eye puffiness, and over time, the connective tissues that attach the skin to the orbital bone deteriorate. This results in a pouch of fat known as 'fat pads,'" says Rouleau. Under-eye creams won't reverse this condition, but they can certainly help prevent it.