Saddle Up in Style with The 10 Best Cowboy Boot Brands

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Best Cowboy Boot Brands

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Cowboy boots are one of this year’s most beloved shoe styles. And, while they might be trending, they are considered a timeless shoe worth investing in no matter the zeitgeist. As the Western favorite makes its mark on the runways, the ‘gram, and the streets, more and more brands have put their spin on the classic cowboy boot, offering everything from traditional cowboy boots to elevated designs using metallics, patterns, and bright-colored leathers. 

With so many options out there—and price points that reach a tad higher than other styles—knowing which cowboy boot brand is best is no easy feat. Luckily, we love a challenge (almost as much as we love a cowboy boot), so we went ahead and did all of the research for you—including tapping Randy Lockard, the general manager at RUJO Boots, for some shopping expertise.

Up ahead, find our list of the best cowboy boot brands for ranch wear to streetwear and everything in between (including the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ boots!). 

If you’re looking for a cowboy boot with traditional Western design and functionality, Ariat is where it’s at. The brand designs everything from stylish statements to actual riding boots and everything in between. On top of that, Ariat is committed to giving back to nature. Some of their initiatives include new production practices that use 50 percent less water than traditional methods and partnering with Leather Working Group to improve leather manufacturing in a more eco-friendly way. Another way the brand keeps the Earth in mind is by creating products that will stand the test of time (I can attest to this, having a pair of Ariat cowboy boots that have lasted almost 20 years, and counting). Whether you’re looking to add some Western flair to your wardrobe or want a pair of boots you can do cowgirl things in—or both!—Ariat has it all. 

Size Range: 5.5-11 | Price Range: $95-$450 | Shipping Policy: Free ground shipping | Return Policy: 90 days


Tecovas The Annie


Tecovas is all about ranch wear, offering some stylish yet traditional cowboy boot options. What makes these boots truly special is that each one is made by hand by a team of artisans (and over 200 steps for each boot!). So, if you’re looking for a high-quality cowboy boot made to last, you know you’re getting it with a pair of Tecovas. Another reason to consider Tecovas is the price range. While it might be a tad higher than some other brands, it’s actually on the low end of the spectrum for handmade cowboy boots. Tecovas is committed to quality without the retail markups, plus they design their boots to last in terms of wear and trend—so you can invest in a good pair of boots and feel good about it.

Size Range: 5-12 | Price Range: $225-$395 | Tecovas Shipping Policy: Free | Tecovas Return Policy: 30 days

Jeffrey Campbell might not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think about cowboy boots, but the brand has a wide range of Western-inspired fashion styles that have become a favorite amongst celebrities, editors, and fashion enthusiasts alike. While they aren’t the most functional, they are truly statement-making by design. From bright metallics to intricate embroidery to upholstery-inspired styles, along with a range of designs, including traditional, knee-high, and high-heeled cowboy boots, there’s something for everyone in this brand’s Western boot collection.

Size Range: 6-10 | Price Range: $150-$400 | Jeffrey Campbell Shipping Policy: Price based on location | Jeffrey Campbell Return Policy: 30 days + $10 return fee

This cowboy boot brand is rooted in Western history. Founded in 1883, Lucchese tunes into the quality of Italian shoemaking with a Western spin, creating some of the most iconic cowboy boots. Today, this brand is loved by everyone from celebrities to politicians to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (Lucchese designs the squad’s boots—see a similar pair here) for both its traditional and fashion-forward designs.

Size Range: 6-11 | Price Range: $325-$5,995 | Lucchese Shipping Policy: Free shipping over $300 | Lucchese Return Policy: 30 days

Corral Boots

Corral Boots A3708

Corral Boots

Corral Boots are all about embellishments, offering cowboy boot styles that truly sparkle. From traditional cowboy boot styles with some exquisite detailing to rodeo boots to booties, this is a go-to brand if you’re looking for a boot that has some personality. Another reason why we love this brand so much is they have an entire line dedicated to wedding boots. The collection features beautiful white embroidery, sparkle, and a dreamy python pair with teal lining for your something blue.

Size Range: 5-11 | Price Range: $198-$269 | Corral Boots Shipping Policy: Free | Corral Boots Return Policy: 30 days

If you’re looking for a cowboy boot brand that has a diverse collection of styles and functionalities at an affordable price point, Durango is it. Compared to other cowboy boot brands, Durango is on the more affordable side of the spectrum, especially when you consider the quality of its boots and the number of style options available. From more fashion-focused designs to performance boots to work boots, the brand has everything from traditional designs to elevated styles.

Size Range: 4-11 | Price Range: $120-$351 | Durango Shipping Policy: Free shipping over $50 | Durango Return Policy: 1 year

Golo dates back to 1915 and is best known for incorporating nontraditional material—think cork, lucite, and vinyl—into its shoe designs. With that said, the brand takes the traditional Western silhouette of a cowboy boot and plays it up with everything from metallic finishes to unique patterns so you can dip your toe into the cowboy boot trend but personalize it to your taste and style.

Size Range: 5-12 | Price Range: $175-$325 | Golo Shipping Policy: Free | Golo Return Policy: 14 days

Founded by Miranda Lambert, this country-inspired brand has some truly show-stopping cowboy boots. Idyllwind cowboy boots take that classic design and spin it with ultra-stylish flair. From metallic snip toe to snakeskin round toe to cow print, and patchwork boots, the brand has tons of great options for someone looking for a truly unique pair. And, if you prefer a more traditional cowboy boot, Idyllwind has you covered on that front, too.

Size Range: 6-11 | Price Range: $129-$345 | Idyllwind Shipping Policy: Free shipping on orders $75+ | Idyllwind Return Policy: 60 days

RUJO Boots


RUJO Boots

When we think of cowboy boots, we often think about Texas—so, it comes as no surprise that this Western brand designs authentic cowboy boots in Dallas, Texas. Compared to other brands, RUJO Boots is new but its craftsmanship dates back to the 1700s in León, Mexico, AKA the cowboy boot capital of the world. Each pair of boots are made by hand in León, with authenticity at the root of design and creation. In addition to how their boots are made and some of their drool-worthy styles, the brand is reasonably priced and has a flexible return policy so you can find your perfect pair without worrying about the hassle returns can cause.

Size Range: 6-11 | Price Range: $215-$355 | RUJO Shipping Policy: Free | RUJO Return Policy: Unlimited

Ranch Road Boots

Hibiscus Desert Cognac

Ranch Road Boots

If style is at the top of your list for a fresh pair of cowboy boots, meet our all-time favorite cowboy boot brand for unique designs. Ranch Road Boots began as a custom boot operation and, although it has expanded into ready-to-wear, each style still has that custom (read: unique) feel. In addition to the swoon-worthy designs—like this ruby red butterfly pair—the brand donates a portion of every pair of boots sold to the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund. 

While the price range is on the higher end of the spectrum, the brand also offers a unique way to save through its Re/Booted initiative, which allows you to buy and sell pre-loved Ranch Road Boots.

Size Range: 5.5-11 | Price Range: $428-$698 | Ranch Road Shipping Policy: Free | Ranch Road Return Policy: 30 days

Meet the Expert

Randy Lockard is the general manager at RUJO Boots.

What to Look for When Shopping for Cowboy Boots 


One of the first things you should consider when shopping for a new pair of cowboy boots is material. Lockard recommended all-natural materials as “they can last a lifetime with proper care.” 


“Look for boots that are constructed with a Goodyear welt,” says Lockard. “This will allow you to re-sole the boot after extensive wear,” he adds. 

Return Policy

You want your boot to fit well, so a return policy is an important thing to consider when shopping for a new pair. Lockard recommends purchasing from companies that “offer free returns and exchanges” to make this process fuss-free. 

  • How should cowboy boots fit?

    If you’re looking for the perfect fit, Lockard says “new boots should fit snuggly.” The reason for this is that “boots made from natural skins and hides will stretch over time to provide a more personalized comfort fit.” 

  • How do you break in cowboy boots?

    “New boots should be worn sparingly to prevent overstretching early on,” says Lockard. “If possible, alternate the days of wear for the first two weeks,” he adds. Breaking in cowboy boots isn’t just about making them more comfortable, it’s also about breaking in the soles. “Leather sole boots may be very slippery at first, therefore you may want to ‘rough up’ the bottoms before moving about.”

  • What do you wear with cowboy boots?

    “Today, cowboy boots can be worn with just about anything,” Lockard explains. “We see boots on high fashion runways and high mountain ranches,” he adds, noting how they are a timeless fashionable and functional style. As for what to wear, anything from jeans and a T-shirt to long maxi dresses will pair beautifully with the classic design. 

  • How do you take care of cowboy boots?

    When caring for your boots, the most important thing to consider is how you store them. “Store your boots in a cool and dry place,” says Lockard. “Stuff with paper or tissue or boot trees to prevent drying, shrinking, and cracking,” he adds. In addition to storage, you’ll want to keep your boots clean, too. Lockard recommends using a damp cloth with a neutral-color, wax-based polish. And, if your boots are suede, “use a horsehair brush” to clean. 

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According to our Diversity Pledge, 15% of products in our newly-published market roundups will feature Black-owned and/or Black-founded brands. At the time of publishing, we were not able to find cowboy boot brands from a Black-owned and/or Black-founded business. If you know of one we should consider, please email us at, and we will evaluate the brand ASAP. 

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