This Cooling Water Stick Is Like Air-Conditioning for Your Face

Sweat is kryptonite for any beauty look—and in the dead heat of July (97 degrees plus humidity? Really?), it's almost an inevitability. You can't stop the mercury from rising, but you can be smart about saving face—and fortunately, there are actually a handful of products that act like the beauty equivalent of those miniature misting fans. So when you can't reach for a cone of ice cream or a tall glass of cold lemonade, use these five cooling beauty products to keep your mind and body refreshed. From facial sprays to a chilling water stick, these products help detoxify, hydrate, and soothe irritation to halt that makeup meltdown right in its tracks. And speaking of not sweating it, take note: Because these products are all available through Amazon Prime, if you order them now, you can still have them on hand for your weekend pool party.

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