Thank You, Internet, for Alerting Us to This Little-Known $9 Conditioner


Original illustration by Kimmie Perl

If you have oily hair, you probably know all too well some of the struggles that come along with it. You may have perfected some styles that expertly hide your oily roots, but that doesn't change the fact that, no matter what you do, every product seems to make your hair feel weighed down and totally flat. The obvious inclination is to shampoo your hair more often in hopes of washing away grease and achieving some volume, even though we all know that washing your hair too much just sends your scalp into overdrive and instructs it to produce more oil. What's a girl to do, then, if every road leads to the same greasy outcome?

Enter our friends over at Rank & Style. They've rounded up a list of the best conditioners for oily hair types, because, as counterintuitive as it sounds, even oily hair needs hydration. These products promise to nourish without weighing down, so you can discourage oil production and end up with soft, beautiful, bouncy hair that can go even longer without being washed. Keep reading to find out what the number one pick is.

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